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As I make changes to the site, I like to put in a few words to describe them and perhaps explain my reasons for them. You'll find the most recent entries here at the top - there's probably not a lot worth seeing as you read down, unless you're interested in how the site has evolved.
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(12-29-2004) The struggle to implement further travel plans continues. I've got my reservations and airline tickets to go to Boston for Arisia in a few weeks (January 20-24), and for the Tucson gem shows in early February, so I hope to see folks in both places. Right now my workshop plans for either venue are vague -- there was supposed to be someone organizing a workshop in Boston, but I haven't heard much about it. If nothing else, I could probably teach up to three people at once in my hotel room, but I'm hoping to have a larger class in a more convenient location.

I just finished a commission for a pink and white ring, which involved pure silver and rose gold. The colors are so intense that I decided to add a picture of that one along with my fancy 24K and green gold ring to the "colors" page so people can see the dramatic differences possible.
(12-17-2004) I'm gradually recovering from the very enjoyable trip to Philadelphia for Philcon, so finally I'm beginning to upload a few of the pictures I took while I was there. More later...
(12-02-2004) This weekend is my first workshop in a while, in Brandon, Florida, and then the weekend after that I'll be in Philadelphia for Philcon; while there I will be meeting customers for consultation, and by great good fortune I'll also have an opportunity to see one of my nephews and his wife.

As I mention on the first page of the site, time is growing short if you wish to have custom jewelry made for holiday gifts -- I don't have much leisure, so I could only add one more ring to the list. I do have a number of silver, gold, and platinum rings, which for various reasons have entered my inventory. Some of them are my size, made for various reasons, some are smaller rings made for customers who erred when giving me sizes or who changed their minds about color or pattern at the last moment. Email me with a target size and I'll check to see what might fit. Existing rings from inventory will be let go at a discount, and are available for immediate delivery.

One of the current projects awaiting my attention is this opal, which I'm anxious to get to work on as soon as I've disposed of outstanding orders.
(11-13-2004) Plans are moving forward for workshops next year (and one more formal one this year, see the schedule), and I'm trying to keep the website up to date on my schedule. I'll be doing a few more science fiction conventions, which I've found very enjoyable even if I don't make much money there.

I will be in Philadelphia in December, Boston in January, Tucson in February, Memphis in April, Orlando in May, then a "grand Midwest Tour" in July, including (so far) Chicago, northern Minnesota, and Kansas City.

I just finished a very tight ring, 4.8 loops per inch around the circumference, in 18K gold. Every time I do a ring I think it's the prettiest one yet, but maybe this one really deserves the label, at least for now.
(10-26-2004) Someone just asked me to set several stones, and then sent me three amethysts cut in a teardrop shape. I almost sent them back, since I prefer to work ovals and egg-shaped stones. You can see what I came up with, though, once I got started.
(10-18-2004) Necronomicon 2004 was this weekend, and I had a blast. I only found out about this con last month, but the idea of having one within an hour's drive -- now that's great. Here are some pictures I took while I was there. Next year it will be held at the Hyatt in downtown Tampa (even closer to me) and will probably be even bigger and better. I'm hoping to have some of my work in their art show, but we'll see how that works out.

I will be conducting a workshop on December the 4th, a Saturday, in Brandon, Florida. I'll put the information on my workshop sign-up page, which I haven't been keeping up to date lately (sorry!) but which will also be listing some other dates next year.

In other news, I will be planning a trip through the midwest, from Florida up through Minnesota, and back down by way of Kansas City, (KC visit from July 19 to July 23), and I'm hoping to stop in a number of places to hold workshops. I'll be sending out some emails to folks who've already asked about workshops in the past, but feel free to contact me at any point to find out what the plans are, and request a stop near you. Folks who might like to host a workshop (you get it for free, that way) should look at my information page and by all means should send me any questions they have.

My Prolong Knot bracelets are catching on out west. I noticed one of my student's Faire picture album showed some examples.
(10-07-2004) I've been playing with the mat patterns mentioned just recently, and added a couple more pictures to show different five-lead patterns and an eight-lead pattern. Those who've taken my workshop will recognize similar elements in all of them, and I imagine any of them could immediately start using them in their own projects. I'll be adding them to the materials available for future workshops, as well.
(09-23-2004) In response to a request, I've put up a page that shows how to lay out a pattern on graph paper that illustrates the structure of the lanyard knot based on five-lead French sinnet, or at least one variant of it. I may add to that page later on, this was just a quick answer to one question.
(09-18-2004) Another of my ongoing projects, fiddling around with jewelry weaves from the realm of chain mail, involves an especially pretty weave called "Half Persian 4 in 1", and since I'm very lazy, I had to come up with a way to make it more easily. I doubt that I'll want to go into production on this one, either, but I'll make enough for a bracelet or an anklet, at least.
(09-16-2004) I liked that yellow and green ring that I made at the beginning of August so much that I had to make one for myself. I've placed a picture showing it on my finger on the same page as the others, so that you can see the colors correctly.
(09-12-2004) Some of the pictures that I saved from the wreck of my hard drive were of DragonCon attendees modeling jewelry for me. I especially liked this one of Princess Leia, and this other one of a very young Dawn.
(09-07-2004) Due to a hard drive crash, all the rest of my pictures from DragonCon are gone, kaput. The ones in the directory below are all that are saved, since I had uploaded them while I was in Atlanta.

On a related note, anything anyone has sent me in email since August 23rd is also gone, and any records I have of orders or changes since then, as well. If you had sent me a message since then and are expecting a response, please re-send it. My apologies to all.
(09-04-2004) I've just created a folder where the pictures I'm taking here at DragonCon will end up. You'll see a list of filenames, just click them to see the files. I'll try to keep them under a hundred kilobytes each, but some of them may deserve extra space.
(09-03-2004) Added some links to my links page, just some stuff I find interesting. Also, there's another picture of the vest, this time filled much more attractively, and showing the poet's shirt that I had made to go along with it. The costume makers, "Cloak and Dagger", were wonderful, and I'm very pleased with the result.
(08-29-2004) I'm still not positive about Chicago in October, but I'll definitely be in Atlanta next weekend for DragonCon. If you go there, look for me. I'll be wearing the vest that I made, so I should be easy to spot.
(08-16-2004) To those who wrote to ask, thank you for your concern: Charley's path of destruction missed my part of Florida, though we were expecting a direct hit, and took a turn to the east, instead. I feel a certain amount of "survivor's guilt" as I watch the news from there.

Plans are afoot for a workshop or two in October, in Chicago. I'll be posting details and sending out notifications as soon as I have solid news. I know several people have expressed interest who live within reach of it, and the host has already volunteered, it's just a matter of deciding when.
(08-10-2004) Updated the shows and events page a bit, and edited the future workshop signup page. I'm sorry there aren't any planned for the immediate future, and listed there, but I'm hoping to rectify that soon. I'll be in Atlanta for DragonCon, in early September, and it's possible that I could conduct a workshop there. In fact, it would probably be fairly straightforward, just get in touch with me and pick a time during the weekend, and come see me at the Marriott Hotel. I'm sure I could fit a small class in my room, up to four people.
(08-01-2004) Sorry about not many updates lately, things have been piling up on me for a while. I went to Kansas City at the end of July and conducted a class for half a dozen people while I was there, which was wonderful. I've filled several orders for rings of various sorts, and have been working off and on at finishing a large silver project, as well.

Just this week I have had a little problem with color matching, which I hope not to run into again. It turns out that different colors of 18K gold placed together will sometimes seem to shift a little, resulting in an unexpected appearance. I've uploaded a page with a picture and some discussion of it.
(07-04-2004) I just finished making a setting for a Mexican Fire Opal that I bought in February, and so I posted a front and side view shot on the same page as the other Mexican stone that I sold last year.
(06-26-2004) The plans for the July 24th workshop in Kansas City are proceeding well, I have several committments to attend. If you're interested, email me, because there are still a few openings.

I've re-worked the 5x6 Turk's Head chain a little bit (it had a kink in it) and found a better way to bring the ends together.

I got another bogus order from overseas. The scammers still don't know how to pretend they know what I make, apparently. If they were smart enough to figure that out, they probably wouldn't be scammers.
(06-16-2004) I've been incredibly busy, so there haven't been many updates lately, but I'll try to do better.

I got another damaged ring in for repair, and put before and after pictures on the same page as the last repair job.
(05-24-2004) Tweaked some values on the ring selection pages to clarify size ranges. There have been a couple of occasions when someone has asked for a ring that is either too simple for a large size or too complex for a small size, so I tightened up the five-lead and seven-lead sections.

Added a disclaimer to the "how to order" page to cover my practice of ignoring certain types of orders, such as the recent one for over a million dollars worth of jewelry to be shipped to Nigeria within ten days, paid for by credit card... If any legitimate customers are inconvenienced by this policy, please contact me and we'll work things out.
(05-12-2004) While struggling to get ready for the Philadelphia trip, and also create several custom rings for upcoming weddings, I have found time to continue working on some chain-mail, specifically a chain to hold a pendant that has been in planning for a while. I have enough of the chain finished to show how they'll go together, and you can see the results, now.
(04-25-2004) The Philadelphia trip is saved, I think, and I want to thank the several people who've been involved in helping me plan things out.

I just finished a very fancy new ring, somewhat different in its use of color, and I gave it a whole page to itself.
(04-18-2004) I'm growing just a bit anxious about my trip to Philadelphia -- there are a number of folks who've expressed great interest in taking a workshop, but the person who'd said that he would holst it has backed out, and I am now searching for a new host. I need to hear from someone who wants to take the workshop for free, has enough space for up to ten people (no more, possibly less) and lives within an hour or two of Havertown, PA, and will be there on Memorial Day. Email me, or call me on the telephone. (Contact information) (top of page)
(04-09-2004) Just for fun, nothing I'd want to go into production with, I finally got around to playing with chain mail. Some folks might be surprised to learn that I've never messed with it before. I decided to see what all the fuss was about, and made a few sample pieces. Check out the page with pictures of them, if you like. Don't expect me to start selling chain mail jewelry, though -- there are some truly expert maillers out there who are already much better than I'd ever be, so I'll leave it to them. (top of page)
(03-23-2004) I was hoping to be further along with this hauberk by now, since in a couple of days I'll be at a show where it would be a really good costume (MidsSouthCon), but I do have it to the point where you can see where it is headed. (top of page)
(03-18-2004) Due to scheduling conflicts with my "real" job, I have been forced to reevaluate my teaching schedule. Under the circumstances, the workshops in Brighton Michigan will have to be put off, probably until sometime in the Fall of this year. I will post details here as they work out. My apologies to all who were hoping to attend the workshops there. (top of page)
(03-10-2004) I finished the mixed-knots head-dress, and took some pictures of it on a live model, making for a much better presentation. You can see the new picture on the same page where the older ones were, with the styrofoam head. (top of page)
(03-05-2004) Every once in a while I have a ring come back for a little work. All of my work has a "lifetime guarantee", (my lifetime, that is) as long as it hasn't been abused. So far I've been able to fix just about anything that's come along, but today I had a real challenge. (top of page)
(02-28-2004) Home again, from all my travelling in February. Many delightful students, many miles, lots of great scenery, but I'm really glad to be back and ready to get to work again. I have a few outstanding orders that I'm taking care of, but I'm ready to discuss further commissions, now, with anyone who's interested.

Nearly forgot: I added something to the page with the knotted chain mail head-dress. (top of page)
(02-13-2004) Still surviving, still adding to the trip log as time permits. Over 4,000 miles so far. (top of page)
(02-05-2004) Amazingly, I've managed to pack up and leave, and I've been on the road since last Saturday, the 31st of January. I've only had a cellphone for access most of the time, however, so updates have been (and will be) few and far between for now. Still, there is a progress report on the trip so far, which I will try to add to as time permits. (top of page)
(01-25-2004) Just one more week until I hit the road on my teaching tour out west. There are still some openings in some of the classes, but others are full. Please check the schedule page for details, and email me if you're interested. I'll be working on schedules for later in the quarter; right now most of my energy is concentrated on organizing the February trip, but I'll be happy to hear from folks who are interested in later expeditions. (top of page)
(01-17-2004) I found another application for the Knotted Chain Mail, this time as a head-dress. Looks very Medieval, but of course it's highly unlikely that anything of the sort existed back then. (top of page)
(01-02-2004) Happy New Year, everyone!

A few minor tweaks of the site, a banner to help people find the workshop sign-up page, and a few pictures updated. I've added pricing for Knotted Chain Mail items to the Chains page, and included a menu item for them.

The events calendar and workshop sign-up page reflect some changes, too. (top of page)
(12-22-2003) Today, at work, I discovered that a Windows PC using Internet Explorer renders some of my pages with most of the content centered. My profound apologies to all for allowing this to happen, I need to use every browser on every machine, no matter how lame or ugly, to make sure that folks can view my pages in a readable and comfortable format. I hope that the correction I've introduced helps, and I'd be honored and pleased to hear from you if there is something still wacky about any of my pages that you think I would change if I just knew about it. (top of page)
(12-16-2003) I've created a new Knotted Chain Mail necklace that will lay flat over the collar bone and breast, rather than having to be worn as a choker. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think.

More changes on the workshop schedule for February, see the show page for details. Reminder: Payment deadline for personal checks will be January 15, for those sending payment to me. The workshops in Woodinville, WA, Santa Ana, CA, and Pasadena, CA are being sponsored by local folks, and you should be arranging payment with them. I'll be glad to take care of it for you, though, if necessary.

The Castro Valley workshop is filled, but there are a couple of openings still in the one in Sacramento, and all the others have at least a couple of openings left. (top of page)
(11-26-2003) Several updated details on the Workshops/Shows page, and a form to select specific workshops that are firmly scheduled. I'll be adding some numbers to that page to show how many are already signed up, but even if the class looks full it makes sense to sign up because there might be cancellations at the last minute. (top of page)
(11-17-2003) I've added a few pictures and information about the Sinnet Bracelets, with particularly nice pictures of the ones with seven leads, which may possibly be original with me, though all I can state with assurance is that I didn't learn them from anyone.

A brief note to those who may be planning to purchase custom made rings or bracelets for Christmas presents. My work load is such that I will be severely restricting new orders in these last few weeks of the year. A few items are already in progress, and I might be able to take on perhaps another couple of rings, or a bracelet, but time is growing short. (top of page)
(11-05-2003) Just a few changes: I've added a picture of an opal that I have had for a while, but finally learned to photograph to advantage, and updated the shows and events page with some more details about my upcoming activities. (top of page)
(10-30-2003) It's been an interesting month. No new jewelry finished, but I did finally get around to taking a good picture of an opal that I've had for a while, just before I sold it. I'll post that picture soon, but not until the intended recipient has had a chance to see it in person, since there is a chance that she might be checking my site between now and the date of whatever occasion it is.

Updated the show schedule again. (top of page)
(10-09-2003) Some tweaks here and there, and updates to the workshop schedule page, nothing new in pictures. I've been busy getting ready for the Art On The Park festival in Lakeland, Florida, the 11th and 12th of this month. (top of page)
(09-14-2003) I've been playing more with the Knotted Chain Mail concept, and added a choker of the same design as the bracelet linked below.

I'm still frantically arranging things for workshops on my trip(s), and have put together a page that details some of the aspects of hosting a workshop, to answer a few questions that keep coming my way on the subject. (top of page)
(09-06-2003) Some updates to the shows and events page, and a picture of what happens if you peel hardboiled eggs while wearing a silver ring. (top of page)
(09-01-2003) Just got back from Dragon*Con, in Atlanta. It was great fun, some jewelry changed hands, and I wish I could have stayed the whole four days. Unfortunately, I've got a ring to tie this week, and it's time to get to work.

There are some pictures from the trip in a separate directory, you click on the filenames and then use your back-button to get to the list again. Crude way to do it, sorry, I'll clean it up later.

I met some really nice people there, and I'll be adding to my links page soon to show folks how to find them and their excellent work.

One person in particular, though, I foolishly didn't get either an email address or a phone number from -- Taishia, if you read this, please email me, I'd like to hear from you. (Update: I spelled it wrong, s/b Taisia, but she emailed me! Life is good. ;-) (top of page)
(08-23-2003) I'm updating my upcoming shows and events page to reflect some plans that are still a little vague, please check to see if a workshop is coming to your area at a time when you could consider attending. (top of page)
(08-22-2003) More work with the Knotted Chain Mail, this time a (relatively) simple bracelet. It's very comfortable to wear, I think, and it catches the light when it moves around, so I'm hoping people will like it enough to buy a few. (top of page)
(08-17-2003) I've been playing around with the Knotted Chain Mail project, and decided that I needed to explore some different directions with it. Specifically, I've had a request for a section of it to include in another project (more about that, later) and it seemed to me that it would be faster and easier if I worked with a larger size of knot, even though it would also have more space. Well, looking at it gave me other ideas, too, take a look... (top of page)
(08-08-2003) I'm ready to go back to work, both at my regular job and on new jewelry, though I may not work as quickly as I did before all this excitement over my back came up. The workshop in Kansas City was great, I only had a few very eager and clever students to work with, and we all had a great time. My trip out there served a dual purpose, since I wasn't permitted to drive for a couple or three weeks after surgery, and being out of town effectively nipped in the bud any temptation to hop in my van and cruise around.

Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy and well-wishes, by the way, I really appreciate it. (top of page)
(07-25-2003) Nothing Earth-shaking for the website, just decided to do a bit of a news update in case anyone's been wondering what was going on. My back operation, last week, appears to have been very successful, and I will be returning to work within a couple of weeks. The next workshop, to be held in Kansas City, should be fine, and I'm actually a little grateful for some cancellations, as that lightens the load for me while I am still convalescing from surgery. (top of page)
(07-20-2003) Everything is well in hand for my trip out to Kansas City, and I just got word that I had the address wrong on the workshop information. Please, anyone who is planning to show up, check the corrected address first! (top of page)
(07-18-2003) I spent the last week in the hospital with a bad back. I'll be contacting those with orders or inquiries, but please be patient. At this time I don't expect any long term impact, but some immediate issues need to be resolved. (top of page)
(07-07-2003) I just put together a page that shows how flexible the Carrick Bend knotted chain mail can be, with a short section of it, 100 knots in all. (top of page)
(07-01-2003) Nearly a month since the last update, I see. Much has been happening, however, though not on the website. I worked hard to get ready for the workshop mentioned below, but nobody registered for it and so I got to sleep in that Saturday. Disappointing.

Plans are well under way for the workshop on July 26th, in Kansas City, for which I do have some registrations, so my preparations were not in vain.

I just finished a ring, commissioned in late June, which I'm pleased to add to my gallery of seven-lead rings. It was a serious challenge, a very densely woven ring in a very small package.

I have some work showing in the July/August double issue of Wire Artist Jeweller, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it came out. See if you can find it at your local newstand, if you don't already subscribe. (top of page)
(05-31-2003) I didn't do a lot of writing while on the trip, but I put together what I had, with some pictures (sorry, no dancers) taken along the way, and put them here. I had a lot of fun, but it's nice to be home again. (top of page)
(05-25-2003) Writing from Philadelphia, today -- tomorrow morning is Memorial Day, and there will be a number of people showing up for a workshop. It's been misty and rainy and cold, which is kind of nice for someone who's been sweltering in Florida, but apparently the local folks don't think much of it. However, I've been mostly indoors watching people dancing Scottish Dances, which looks like loads of fun. No pictures yet, maybe later... (top of page)
(05-15-2003) The Rockville, MD, workshop is filling up. I've been asked by a friend who'll be vacationing locally to hold one in St. Petersburg during her stay, so I've scheduled one for June 28, here in Florida. There are nine openings for that one, since I just today decided to hold it.

The workshop in Kansas City, on July 26th, will be held in a bead shop, and there are at least five openings left for that one. (top of page)
(05-08-2003) Change of plan -- the workshop in Rockville, MD, will be at a private residence, and will be held on Wednesday, May 28th. It will probably start at 10AM, and finish in mid-afternoon, whenever the bracelets are done. There are still a few slots open. (top of page)
(05-05-2003) Breaking news: there is a strong possibility of a workshop to be held the Saturday before Memorial Day, in Maryland, a little north of Washington DC. The Philadelphia workshop seems to be full, and I'm awaiting confirmation and tuition from the registered attendees. There are still possibilities for workshops along my southern route. (top of page)
(04-30-2003) There is one opening left for the workshop in Philadelphia. There are still openings for the ones further south, and there is a possibility of a last workshop of the trip being held in western Florida, on Saturday, the 31st of May.

Price lists for rings and bracelets have been updated, with the changes effective as of midnight tonight. Again, for those whose orders have already been placed, don't worry: your cost will not go up. (top of page)
(04-27-2003) Nailed down some more details on the workshops at the end of May... the first one will be on Memorial Day itself, in Philadelphia.

Don't forget -- current jewelry prices are only good until the end of the month, and will change on May 1st. If you have already placed an order, your cost will either stay the same or go down, not up, but the new prices will be applied to orders placed after Midnight, April 30th. (top of page)
(04-21-2003) I've finished the Torus Knot commision mentioned earlier, and added a picture of it to that page. (top of page)
(04-17-2003) Another experimental piece of Knotted Chain Mail for folks to look at. No practical application suggests itself, but it's interesting to look at. (top of page)
(04-14-2003) The current commission that I'm working on is another Torus Knot, this time tied around a Torus Ring ametrine from Lehrer Designs. You can see the stone itself, and a couple of knots that I've worked up as possibilities for it, on this page. I expect to be adding to the page, soon, once I've decided which knot to use and manage to tie it around the stone. (top of page)
(04-10-2003) I have resisted the pressures to do so for as long as I could, but I can no longer ignore the increased costs associated with my business, and new prices will be published within the next two weeks, to become effective at the end of the month of April. Rest assured that all agreements that are already in place will be honored at the agreed upon price. (top of page)
(03-31-2003) I just got back from a Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming conference, MidSouthCon 21, which was held in Memphis, TN. I only had a few days, and I didn't go as a dealer, so I didn't post anything here about it in advance, sorry. My purpose was to meet the people who go to that sort of conference and see if it would be a good venue for me, and I enjoyed myself so much that I really don't care about that -- I'll be attending more of them. As it happens, though, I am signed up to be there next year, selling jewelry in the dealer's room, and there will be notice of that posted here, in plenty of time. (top of page)
(03-17-2003) Okay, the Knotted Chain Mail bracelet is complete, and I've just updated the same page with the new pictures. Technically, it's not the same bracelet, though it's very similar -- right after I fixed the clasp so that ordinary mortals could figure it out and open and close it easily, but before I took a picture of it, the first person I showed it to bought it on the spot. I went right to work and made another, and a slightly different clasp for it, and the pictures are now uploaded. (top of page)
(03-13-2003) More ideas have been percolating, on what to do with the Knotted Chain Mail concept. I thought I was finished with this bracelet, but it looks like it needs some more work. At least you can see where I'm headed with it, I think. (top of page)
(03-10-2003) Important notice! Due to a recent network security issue, involving the "sendmail" program used by a vast majority of the Internet, my host's system was upgraded, leaving my ordering and comment forms high and dry. If you sent me an order, or a question, through my website, it was not sent, and was not saved to be sent later. Please, if you tried to contact me for any reason in the last few days, try again. You can always send regular email or call me on the telephone, if you like. (top of page)
(03-07-2003) I just got back from seeing the ARTform exhibition that opened in West Palm Beach, and it's well worth a visit if you're in the area. The hall is on the corner of Okeechobee Blvd and South Dixie Highway, and pretty easy to find. I've added one of the artists' websites to my links page, and as I go through the catalog I may add some others.

I took some more pictures of that Prolong Knot Chain ring, which show it off a little better, I think. (top of page)
(03-03-2003) Off and on for the past month or so, I've been working on a very small Prolong Knot, with four edge-loops. To be precise, I've been working on a chain of them, and I finally decided that enough was enough, and made one last knot to bring the ends together in an endless loop. I had trouble taking a good photograph of it by itself, since it's very loose and floppy, and I'm not happy with the picture, but it will do for the moment. (top of page)
(02-23-2003) One of the items I brought b ack from Tucson was a citrine cut in a "torus" shape, from Lehrer Designs. I've now set it in a knotted bezel, or actually in two of them, which you are invited to examine here. The smaller bezel was inspired by my previous experiment with earlets. (top of page)
(02-17-2003) I'm back from the trip, and ready to get back to work. If anyone's been holding off from sending in an order, please feel free to send it in now. I've got a few commissions I'm working on, but they should be completed very soon, and I'll be ready for more. (top of page)
(02-05-2003) I've been keeping a brief log of my travels, and I'll try to keep it updated here on the site. Feel free to check it out on a continuing basis, but it may not get a fresh entry every day, as my access is limited to a cellphone most of the time. (top of page)
(02-01-2003) Just a quick maintenance update to the site, fixing a few inconsistancies. The three workshops I'm doing this month have all filled up, but I won't put down dates for the next ones until I've come back from the trip, in a couple of weeks.

The hair accessories and the knotted chain-mail have been getting a lot of attention, even some sales, so I'll be working on doing some more of those. (top of page)
(01-30-2003) I'll be seeing some of you along the way during my trip out to Tucson during the first part of February. I can take orders still, but any work I'm doing will have to wait until after February 17th, because I'm a one-man operation. Contacting me will be no different, during the trip -- the phone still works, though I'll be picking up my email a little less often. (top of page)
(01-24-2003) One of my back-burner projects that's related to the interlinked knotted chains I've been working on lately is the making of very intricate chain mail, which can be thought of as just rows of chain linked side-by-side. Before I can make anything "interesting" by such a method I'll have to figure out how to attach different kinds of knots to each other, but in the meantime I've been playing around with flat sections. The simplest of the chains that I've worked on lately looked like an easy place to start, so I've produced a very small section with it.

(I know some folks prefer to spell it "maille", but I don't think of myself as someone who would "selle" things from a "shoppe", either.) (top of page)
(01-11-2003) I've added another item to my line of hair accessories, a "pony wrap" that is just a shorter version of the Prolong Knot bracelet.

With Valentine's Day coming, I thought I'd post pictures of a couple of simple Lover's Knot rings. I'll be on the road for the first two weeks of February, so if you're not expecting to see me during my trip, you'd better get your orders in early. (top of page)
(01-05-2003) The class in Tucson on the 9th of February is nearly full, and the one in Phoenix on the 12th is full, with three on a waiting list. Negotiations are under way for a venue in New Orleans for a workshop in that area, which is still not nailed down as to whether it will be on the 2nd or the 15th of February.

Someone on one of the jewelry forums commented on not being able to find worthy hair accessories, so it occurred to me that the side of a Prolong Knot could be extended in the same way as I do my bracelet catches, but further, as the teeth of a comb. (top of page)
(01-01-2003) Happy New Year! I've added a page with prices for various chains, and updated the menu so there is a direct link to the page. There's a new picture on the page of Prolong Knot chains, showing a very simple and elegant chain made with the Celtic Lovers' Knot, also referred to below as the Carrick Knot, the simplest of the two-dimensional knots I've been experimenting with. It is lined up parallel with the other chains made along the same lines (Prolong Knots) to make it easy to compare them. Below on the same page is an example of the simple chain with the links doubled. (top of page)

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