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Signup form for future workshops.

Please be aware that clicking "send" does not commit you to attending, it merely places your name on a list of those interested in attending. I'll respond with further details, and confirm your presence on the list, pending payment. When the roster approaches the class size limit, priority will be given to those who have pre-paid.
(Note: I can't correct the spelling of your email address, since I don't know it until you send it to me. If you don't enter it correctly, you won't get a response. The phone number is a good backup, and I'll try that if the email bounces.) No click-able website links, please. (Click here for more detailed information about the workshops.)

(Privacy Policy)

Submissions containing nonsense text strings will be dismissed as spam. If you actually use a nonsense text-string as an email address and/or name, and also live at a street address consisting of random letters, just send me a separate email confirming that and I'll be happy to add you to my workshop list.
Name: Email:
City, State, Zip:
Click here for scheduled workshops:
Click here to request/suggest a location. (Some places already listed because I'm going to be there anyway...
"I want to make "
Details, your screen name, suggested location, comments, etc:

When you click "send", if you do not see a "request has been received" message, please email me directly with the details. I've had some reports of the form script failing, and I haven't tracked down the problem yet.

Do not send payment until your registration has been accepted, please!

In most cases payment will be made directly to me, but sometimes I work with other organizations, and in cases where they are handling registrations, arrangements should be made with them. You may send check or money order to me at:

Loren Damewood
P.O.Box 48543
St. Petersburg, FL 33743

Or you could use your PayPal account:  
The page that you reach when you click the button, above, will also allow you to enter a credit card without creating an account. Simply click "Guest Checkout" and proceed from there.

Note that paying me in advance earns a free DVD at the door.

I'll try to keep the listings up to date as plans evolve. Below, you will find some lists of attendees for workshops, so that folks can get confirmation that they're on my list (and correct me if I'm wrong), and as a general reminder to me of what's coming up, accessible from any connected computer. (Hosts indicated by blue highlighting and pre-paid students indicated by green highlighting.) In case you worry about your status, or that of others, bear in mind that sometimes the local host is taking care of collecting some of the fees, and I might not actually know everyone's status. To make it easier to see, I'm shortening the listings, but my classes are up to twelve students, and the list will grow to accommadate the class size up to that point.

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