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I started linking knots together in single lines, as chains, and that works really well, but I had no real expectation that it would go further. So much for that! I've managed to make a number of forms of what I'm calling "Knotted Chain Mail". The most reasonable (i.e., least labor intensive) of these involves the Carrick Bend turned inward on itself, also known as the Sailor's Breastplate, and indistinguishable from the 3-lead 4-bight Turks' Head tied in a mat.
Fancy chain mail, made with 3x4 Turk's Heads.
When all the knots are the same size, as above, it's very pretty, but the whole tone of the piece changes if you mix two sizes. Here's a section of it with smaller and larger knots:
Combination of two sizes in knotted chain mail.
So far the best things I've done with this pattern have been bracelets, chokers, earrings, and necklaces. I've just (August 29th, 2004) completed a full vest of the single-size knots, which weighs almost five pounds and is very comfortable to wear. (And, now that I've completed the sleeves, it's just over seven pounds... update, mid-2006.) Another interesting piece made with the same pattern is a halter top, which I can't wear, but which gets tried on and shown off at every show, now.

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