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I was going to tie one more knot, in between the ends, and make it a complete circle, but it occurred to me that it might be a lot stronger than I wanted it to be, around my neck. For a while I had it sewed shut, one end tucked into the other and a strand of wire passing through it and back, then the ends of that tucked into the center.
Finishing the ends of the 5x6 Turk's Head Chain.
In the above picture the chain is about 0.170" in diameter. The wire, as mentioned elsewhere, is about 0.013", and the jump rings are made of the same wire, in rings with outer diameters of about 0.071". The chain is about 20.5" long and there is considerable flex in it. I can stretch the length by a couple of inches, so with the ends joined, even though it should be too small to fit over my head at its current length, I can open it up enough to slip it on.

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