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I know a lot of folks who do regular chain mail, (or "maille", as they like to call it) and occasionally someone will ask me if I do that. The answer is no, I don't, but I decided to go ahead and play around with it for a bit, to see what the fuss was about. The first picture is some very loose Full Persian 6in1, which I won't try to explain in detail -- those who already know will just laugh at me, and those who would like to know more should be able to learn all they need to know with a Google search on "chain mail".
Full Persian 6in1, very loose.
Same Persian weave, with some Byzantine linked to it.
The Persian weave was easy, the Byzantine was very hard, and I only did the little bit that you see there. Later on, I decided I wanted to do some more, but I needed to cut the rings a little more reliably, so I made this ring-cutting rig, then started another piece of Full Persian 6in1 from the resultlng rings.
Rig for making tiny jump-rings.
Some Full Persian 6in1 made with the new rings.

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