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Two views of Mexican Fire Opal in 7x9 Turk's Head setting.
Here is a very fine Mexican Fire Opal set in a 7x9 Turk's Head bezel made with 18K yellow gold. The dimensions of the piece, with the setting, are about 0.6" tall by 0.5" wide. The stone has a circumference of 1.5", making the ring size about a "1".

Opal with seven-lead nine-bight Turk's Head setting.

$4,500 (without chain)
Crystal clear Mexican fire opal.
This is a Mexican Fire Opal, in a 5x8 Turk's Head bezel made with 18K yellow gold. I had it for a while, but none of my older pictures were worth posting on the site. Under pressure from an eager customer, I finally taught myself how to photograph opals to best advantage, or at least better than before, and this is the last picture I took before I shipped it to him.

Opal with five-lead eight-bight Turk's Head setting.


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