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Elsewhere on the site there are pictures of a Torus Knot, or actually two of them intertwined, inspired by a request from a customer. When I heard about stones cut in the shape of a torus, or at least a related shape, I brought them to her attention and started thinking about how I might make a setting for one. This is my first experiment with them, using two bezels, one on the outside, as a normal setting, and one on the inside.
Front view of citrine Torus.

Here's a view of it from the back, showing the rest of the internal bezel, and showing that it is completely separate from the outer one.
Torus stone, from the back.
And here is a nice shot of it from an angle. You can see reflections of the bezel knots through the stone.
Torus stone angle shot.
This stone was cut by Glen Lehrer, of Lehrer Designs, and was purchased at the Tucson AGTA in 2003. The stone is a citrine, with some variation in color, but I saw ametrines and amethysts cut this way, and sapphires as well.

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