Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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Here's a picture of the twelve-link Prolong Knot chain ring, mounted on a spring of gold wire to hold it in a rounded shape. I shot this with a shallower depth of field, so that the detail of the background wouldn't interefere.
Knotted chain ring, 12 3-loop prolong knots, on spring.
Off the spring, it can move around quite a bit. This shot displays it just as it came off my finger onto the velvet.
Knotted chain ring, 12 3-loop prolong knots, loose.
If you just squish it down, it can be flat, or make a sort of a "W" shape, or, as you can see here, an interesting star shape.
Prolong Knot ring, squeezed to a star.
There are twelve links, each one is a 4-loop Prolong Knot. There is no "master link", no clasp -- the twelfth link was tied between the two ends, to complete the ring seamlessly.

This is a "high-maintenance" ring, not for everyday wear. In fact, I would say that the appropriate lifestyle for the wearer of a ring like this would involve being carried from place to place on a litter, and being fed hand-peeled grapes. Seriously, this is not a ring for casual wear. As with all of my rings, wearing it on a pinky, or adjacent to another ring on the same finger, or an adjacent finger, will void the warranty.
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