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Hair Accessories: Ponytail Wrap - Decorative Comb

Someone commented that the bracelets could be nice ponytail wraps if they were shorter. Here's one that might do. For a picture of one being worn, click here.
Extended Prolong knot used as a pony wrap.

I was looking at the hooks I made on the last link of the wide bracelet made with Prolong Knots, and someone mentioned ornamental combs for a hair-do, and this idea came to me.
Prolong Knot Combs
The first one I did was the same size as the knots I used in the bracelet, about an inch and three-quarters wide. I was disapointed to discover that this comb was impractical in this particular gauge of wire, and needed to be made with heavier material, as the pattern is already tight enough to make the smaller wire hard to work with. I managed to complete one with thicker wire, but it was hard, so I moved to a pattern of eight threads per inch, instead of ten threads per inch. Here are all three, with a ruler to compare them. On the left is the original knot. On the right is the same knot, tied in heavier wire, and in the middle is a similar knot tied in a more open pattern, one of the pair in the above picture.
Three knots compared.
Here is what they look like in use. I'll be making a single longer one that will do this, instead of two smaller ones, to see how it works out.
Jamie's hair, caught up with combs.
I finally got around to taking a picture of the larger comb. At some point I'll replace this one, or add another, with a model, but it should look about the same as the smaller ones.
larger decoratve comb

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