Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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Several rings with contrasting colors. The rings pictured at left should line up with their descriptions, but at least they'll be in order of appearance. (Yes, gravity is shifted by ninety degrees, sorry.)
5x11, pure silver, doubled twice.
5x9, 18K Champagne gold, single solid strand.
5x11, pure platinum, doubled, twisted yellow 18K gold.
5x6, 18K yellow gold, doubled, twisted yellow 18K gold.
5x8, 18K twisted Champagne gold, doubled twice.
5x6, 18K nickel-white gold, doubled, single solid 18K yellow gold.
5x8, 18K palladium-white gold, doubled, twisted rose 18K gold.
Note that the colors may vary considerably in reality, since different computer monitors will render colors in different ways.
Here's a shot of two very dramatically different rings: one is made with 24K and green 18K gold, the other is made with rose 18K gold and fine silver.
Two very different rings.

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