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I had an order for a ring made with yellow and green 18K gold wire, solid and twisted, in a 5x8 Turk's Head. When I finished it, I was very concerned that somehow I had mistakenly used rose gold, but comparing coils of wire satisfied me that the problem is that 18K yellow gold of the particular alloy I have been using looks a little pink next to 18K green gold.

This would not have been a problem, except that the customer specifically excluded pink or rose as an acceptable color for the ring, meaning I had to do something about it in order to complete the order.
Two rings, each with a green twisted inner strand.
As you can see, the solid strands in the ring on the left have a distinct rosy look to them. The one on the right has solid strands made with a microalloy 24K gold, 9985 as opposed to 9999, from a company named "Puregold". It is supposed to be as hard as some 18K alloys, and I find that it is definitely harder than pure 24K gold would be.
PureGold and 18K green ring on hand.
I liked it so much that I made one for myself, and here's a picture of it showing the colors against my hand.

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