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I'd be glad to answer almost any questions you may have on the subject of turk's heads, my methods of producing rings made with them, etc., though some specific questions can't easily be answered in words. I teach workshops in person, and I have DVDs and tools that I sell, if you're seriously interested in learning. I have put together some of the more common questions and my answers, a sort of Golden Knots FAQ.

I am reachable by a number of different means; you can call me on the telephone at 1-727-698-1275 at any time. You can record a message if I don't happen to hear it and pick up, or, better yet, send me a text.

I'm on Facebook at "goldenknots" and on Twitter, as well, @goldknots

My email address, if you need to type it into a mail program, is lorenzo@golden-knots.com

If you just want to write me a letter, my mailing address is:

P.O.Box 48543
St. Petersburg, FL 33743

I have rather bad hearing, so if you call my voice number, expect to repeat yourself a lot.
In case I don't answer, please don't be put off by my message, which was recorded for me by Carl Kassel, of NPR. I still have the message, but some people can't take a joke, so I put in a "normal" one.

For those who don't know about the nature of such messages, please be aware that it is a joke. Most folks get that right away, of course, but I've gotten some entertaining responses, usually third hand, but occasionally recorded. The surprised grunts and total incomprehension are pretty pedestrian, but this person went into quite a rant. Here is a version that is cleaned up (the original contains the f-bomb).

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