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This is a headdress made with my silver knotted chain mail. There are two sizes of the 3-lead by 4-bight knots and one solitary example of a 5-lead by 6-bight knot to hold the center position on top, as seen in the second picture, taken on a wig form:
Head dress, band with supporting rays.
Head dress, center of top.
I noticed that a square patch of Knotted Chain Mail I was playing with draped really well, and so I casually flopped it onto a wig-form to see what it would do. I don't know how practical this would be, but it does have a very interesting look to it.
Fancy chain mail, made with 3x4 Turk's Heads.
I've been playing around with some other knots, the Celtic triangles, pentangles, and heptangles, and decided to try some knotted chain-mail using them. Here's a new headdress with a pentangle center, surrounded by octagons, hexagons, and pentagons formed by the gaps between the Celtic triangles.
Celtic knotted chain-mail headdress, January of 2010

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