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As I make changes to the site, I like to put in a few words to describe them and perhaps explain my reasons for them. You'll find the most recent entries here at the top - there's probably not a lot worth seeing as you read down, unless you're interested in how the site has evolved.
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Picture galleries from various trips, conventions, and art/whatever festivals, in no particular order.

If you aren't on my distribution list, you can still see the latest general information message that I sent out, here. I'll try to keep it current...

(12-30-2008) I'm going to be out of town next week, possibly mostly without access to the internet, since I'll be on a cruise ship in the western Caribbean. Still, there are plans to be made and preparations to undertake, for my trip out west in February. I'm hoping to teach a lot of workshops and visit a lot of friends along the way, and possibly find some pretty gems to make settings for in Tucson. Check out my schedule (linked above) and feel free to let me know if you're going to be near my path.
(12-13-2008) It's nice to be home for a while. Finished up a couple of wedding rings and started planning for some trips next year. I'll be missing one convention that I will miss very much, Arisia in Boston, but at the end of February I'll be heading out west for the Tucson gem shows and a few workshops. See my schedule for more details.

My favorite ring is too large for me now, as my ring size seems to have decreased, so I took the opportunity to create a new center strand for its replacement, a nine-strand cable. Check out the results here.
(11-28-2008) I'm still up north, in Pennsylvania, having finsished up most of my workshops and conventions for this trip. One more workshop, a bit further north (Massachusetts), then I'll be heading home again by way of Raleigh, NC.

I've updated some workshop information for February of next year, which is when I'll be heading out to California and back.
(11-05-2008) Congratulations to the winner(s) in yesterday's national and local elections.

I'm about to take off on my November trip, which will take me to Chicago and Philadelphia for science fiction convention art shows, and a few workshops interspersed along the way.

The dog is driving me crazy. Here's an example:
The dog is nuts:
This is funny.
My brother comes home, pulls the bike into the garage, and does his battery swapping routine.
So, out comes the battery, off comes the terminal with the fuse-holder, switch it to the other battery, in goes the other battery.
Um. Fuse. Has to be here somewhere.
So he's poking through the toolbox drawers, sure he must've put it somewhere, but we were talking and he got distracted.
His last fuse.
I get out the flash, and we start quartering the area.
Dog's sitting there munching on something. She's a pup, she chews stuff. I'm all the time taking cardboard and tinfoil away from her.
Suddenly we look at each other.
"Spit it out, spit it out!"
Sure enough.
Silly mutt. :)

(10-13-2008) I'm back from two conventions back-to-back, with visits and demos between, and now I'm working on getting ready for the next trip, in November. Check the convention picture gallery page for some nice costumes from the conventions.

I've updated the workshop sign-up page and the schedule page.
(09-29-2008) One of my students has been playing around with the hand-tied knots on my tutorials page, and did the seven-lead twelve-bight knot as a sort of belt. Front and back shots on his website. (Please note that there may be some "mature content" elsewhere on that website.)
(09-27-2008) Getting ready for the trip to St. Louis for Archon, and a workshop on the way home from there. Details are a little shaky on the latter, but I'm optimistic.

There's a workshop planned for November 10 in St. Joseph, MI, just before I get to Chicago for WindyCon, a small group taking both workshops in one day. If there are more than eight students, we can extend to November 11th for them.

I'll be in Chicago for a couple of days before WindyCon, and I can accept a few students for that stop.

There will be either one or two stops between Chicago and Philadelphia, the following week, one near Columbus, OH, the other near Pittsburgh, but details are still being negotiated.

I'll be in the Philadelphia area for Thanksgiving week, going up to Massachusetts the following weekend for the Northampton workshops.
(09-12-2008) Another trip coming up, this time to St. Louis, MO, for a science fiction convention that will be new to me, Archon. I'll be in the art show, and I'm planning to do some teaching along the way -- one workshop has already been added to the calendar, in Floridas Panhandle region, October 7th.

The dog is growing like Topsy, and is now twice the weight she was when we first brought her home. A chat with the vet and a bit of research has pretty firmly convinced me that she is a "rotterman", a rottweiller doberman hybrid. Here's another picture.
(09-01-2008) I'm home, after stopping in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it, so I didn't plan to be in the art show or participate in any panels, but I'll do so next year.

The latest news on the DVD: it was almost done, but the Turk's-head ring session needed to be re-shot. I completed that, last weekend while I was in L. A., but I'm not going to promise a release date.

In the meantime, I've decided to start making the kits available, for those who would like to get a head start. When the DVD is available, it will be featured at the top of the page with the kits.
(08-22-2008) Wow, over a month since I've updated here -- sorry about that! I've been on the road the whole time, and will be for another week, at minimum.

The trip has been going pretty well, though I neglected to push workshop registrations as much as I should have. Attendance has been light, but sufficient to pay for my gas.

The DVD is two-thirds complete, but I'm re-shooting the Turk's-head ring section to get it to show some things that I think are really important.

While I was in Denver I attended WorldCon, and I got a ribbon in the costume masquerade while wearing the knotted-chain-mail shirt. Just for workmanship, but still, a ribbon at WorldCon, that's got to be good for something, right?
(07-16-2008) In case anyone is wondering how close I'll be to their neck of the woods, here is the path I'm following. Check the schedule to see when I'll be where.
(07-07-2008) I've been adding stops and changing routes a little bit, but the main route I'm taking is still about the same, heading out to the northwest. I just sent out reminders to folks to check the schedule, and have been in touch with some more hosts and students, so things are looking pretty good.

The DVD is still in progress, but moving slowly.
(07-02-2008) Preparations under way for my northwest tour. Details are on the Workshops/Shows page, and you can sign up for workshops on the sign-up page (linked from there).

Looks like I might have too many stops out west, and won't be able to make it to Dragon*Con for the entire Labor Day weekend, if at all. I hate to miss any of the conventions, but there are just so many of them.

I've added the butterfly project (two sizes, pendant and earring) to my list of student kits. Even though the DVD is still in development, I'm going to start selling the actual kits soon, from basic sets to do a single Prolong Knot Bracelet or Turk's-Head Ring to deluxe kits that will provide the tools needed to produce all the work that will be shown on the DVD. In addition, I will offer kits for variations on those themes, such as the Celtic Circlets, the butterfly, and the "When Knots Collide" bracelet, and various other possible designs as they occur to me or are requested. Certain tools that might be hard to find elsewhere will be listed, too.
(06-11-2008) The evaluation copy of the new DVD is now in my possession, and I've tested it with some folks who are new to tying knots in wire, to make sure that it is going to work out. There are a couple of minor edits to do, yet, but it should be available for purchase from this website in the next couple of weeks, I think. Here's a page that describes it, and a few of the optional kits that will be made available along with it.
(05-29-2008) I got a sudden rush of wedding ring orders to take care of, as well as keeping up with my teaching and other stuff, so time has been tight. Still I've managed to add a couple of things to the list of additional projects folks can try after they've learned the basics. The DVD is closer to release, and as soon as I've had the initial copy vetted by a couple of novice wire-workers I'll be ready to order a stack of them so I can ship them out, along with the tools and materials kits.

I'll be going to Ohio for the Origins Game Fair in a few weeks, where I'll be teaching a few students for a special show price, about half of my normal fees, with some restrictions.

One of the things that I've been letting slide is my planning for the next long trip, in July and August, so I'll have to get going on that.

Some news totally unrelated to jewelry or knots: after many years of loyal friendship, the Rottweiler who lived with us became too old and stiff to enjoy his life any more. We did our best for him, but had to let go. I will miss old Squirt, he was a sweetheart around folks he liked. To fill the gap, I found a rescue dog shelter near here that had some Rottie pups, and now we have a new "baby". Very smart, taking well to her training, and will probably be almost as much of a monster as Squirt was, when she gets her growth. Here are two pictures: picture1 picture2
(05-02-2008) In one of the demonstrations I do for students, I tie a simple form of the Prolong Knot that is the basis for the cuff bracelet, and sometimes I'll pull outward on a couple of the loops to show them how adaptable it is. Finally got around to doing the same thing in silver, and now I have some pictures of that here.
(04-10-2008) The artwork is almost ready, the DVD is still in the hands of the video person, and I am still not able to say for certain when it will be released, but as soon as it is, I'll have an order page here on the website, and will have them with me at workshops and shows.

My costs are increasing (surprise!) and I am reluctantly considering raising my rates for workshop tuition. Current rates ($95/$120/$175 -- bracelets/rings/both) will go up a fraction, probably to $110/$135/$195. If someone signs up (and pays for) a workshop before I raise the rates, they will save the difference. DVD purchasers will get a discount on workshops, and vice versa, henceforth.

The latest newsletter is available, and has been sent out to the announcement list.
(03-24-2008) No updates for a month, sorry! I made it home again, after making a number of stops, and I'm resting up and getting ready for the next couple of trips out of town. The DVD is making progress, but I'm struggling with the title to put on it. There will be various options for folks wishing to buy it: the disc alone, or with a minimal kit, or with everything needed to do the projects on the DVD. (There are three projects, Knotted Chain-mail, Prolong Knot cuff bracelets, and Turk's-head rings.) I'll link the order page when the DVDs are ready.

Last year I was asked to do a "demi-glove" in Knotted Chain-mail. I'll be seeing the person who asked for it soon, so I finally had to finish it up. Take a look...
(02-19-2008) Well, I've just spent a few days working with someone who is experienced in making instructional videos of jewelry-making, and he assures me that he can turn our sessions into a DVD. I'm not taking any orders for it yet, but I'll be glad to put folks on a list to be notified as soon as I'm ready to start doing so. It should be ready in a couple of months, and I'll definitely be making the announcement here when it is.

There've been some disruptions of my workshop schedule, and attendance has been light, but it's still fun. (More so, in some ways, because a small class size makes it easier for everyone.) I'll be heading back through about the same general areas on the way home, so I've scheduled some more stops.
(02-11-2008) I've made it to Oceanside, CA, and have been getting ready for my next few workshops, but I took some time out to work on the ongoing exploration of what happens "when knots collide". (I've decided that's a good moniker for the composite knots with Prolong knots being interrupted by Turk's-heads.) Scroll to the bottom of the page that showed the bracelets I did last month.
(01-31-2008) I'm about halfway across the continent, heading west at this time. My workshops in the northeast and my visits along the way were great, marred only by a visit to the emergency room in Worcester, MA, after a bit of an accident. No impact on my schedule, fortunately, but still painful and inconvenient.

I keep trying to get around to posting pictures in the galleries, and I will update that page when I do so, for the two science fiction conventions I participated in.
(01-06-2008) First update of the new year, and a new knot to show off. Take a look at this combination of a Turk's-head and a Prolong knot, made into a bracelet.

Preparations for the next tour are still not totally frozen (though I probably will be, next week in Boston!) and there is room for more students in almost all of my upcoming workshop stops. See the schedule or the sign-up page for details. If you aren't on my notification list, you can still see my latest message in the link just above this entry.
(12-30-2007) I hope everyone had great holidays, and that the New Year will bring joy and prosperity to you all.

I've been working on the workshop lists and schedules, and there are some updates on those pages. The Houston, TX workshops provisionally scheduled for the end of January are now in doubt, due to the host's scheduling issues, and I would be glad to find a new host for the half dozen or so students who are already signed up for that.
(12-17-2007) I'm trying to move dates around and fit in some more workshops, so please, check my schedule (Workshops/Shows) and let me know if you want to attend, or if the schedule needs more tweaking.
(12-14-2007) Shuffling a little bit of stuff around on the site, updating the information for workhops, and correcting a few typos. In response to a student request, I've gone back to a previous bracelet design and, in the process of adding it to my workshop regimen, improved it a bit. Pictures... added to the previous seven-lead bracelet page. Scroll down for the new ones.
(12-03-2007) I'm working on a new way to send out updates for my schedule, using a distribution list via my host instead of punching multiple addresses into the "bcc" field in my email program... we'll see how that works. If you want to subscribe, this page should do it, and I've added all the email addresses I have handy, for folks to get invitations to it. If you don't click on the provided link, it will just leave you off the list.

I'm working on next month's workshop schedule, and beyond, and will be sending out more information soon, and will continue to keep local copies of it just in case.

I've completed a bracelet using the rectangular knots mentioned last month, and it can be viewed on the same page by scrolling down a bit.
(11-19-2007) Sorry for no updates or reminders for the last couple of weeks, I've been fighting a nasty cold, maybe the flu. I've been doing my utmost not to breathe on anyone, and I beg forgiveness from anyone who might have started sniffling after seeing me.

I managed to get through the workshops and conventions in Chicago and Philadelphia, and things are looking a little brighter now, as I get ready to go to Raleigh to have Thanksgiving dinner with family. More workshops there, and in South Carolina, then the International Guild of Knot Tyers meeting in Orange City, FL before I get home in December. See the scheduling page and the workshop signup page for details.
(11-01-2007) I was driving along in Illinois, heading for my weekend of workshops in St. Paul, MN, and decided to take a break and do a pair of earrings. I've got seven more hours of driving to go, and all day tomorrow to do them in, so I just stopped at the next motel I saw and dragged my tools up to my room, closed the door, and got to work. First pass went well, and then I did a mirror image of it, to make the elements for a pair of earrings. You can see them on this page.
(10-25-2007) Due to low attendance and loss of a host for it, the workshops in western Pennsylvania have been canceled. This gives me a little more time for visiting friends and family along the way, so I'm fine with that. I still have room in the other workshops on the schedule, though the Chicago one is looking a little crowded. For information, check the sign-up page and register for one if you wish to attend.
(10-19-2007) Preparations are almost complete for my next trip, which will be several workshops bracketing the Windycon and Philcon science fiction conventions. The workshops will begin in St. Paul, MN, the first weekend of November, and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Raleigh, and wind up the trip with a knot-tying convention in Orange City, FL, in early December.

I have openings in all the workshops, just check the sign-up page and register for one if you wish to attend.
(10-03-2007) Home from the September trip, which was a blast, as always. Enjoyed meeting everyone along the way, and had a great time teaching and learning from my students.

Some of the advanced students took on the newer patterns of knots that I've been working on, and did very well, so I'm going to start making more of those materials available for future workshop attendees.

Updated the show schedule and the workshop sign-up pages to reflect changes and confirmations of future plans.
(09-20-2007) I've updated the price lists on for gold, and will try to catch up the others soon. Some minor edits here and there.
(09-18-2007) Still on the road, having spent the last week wandering around New England, seeking adventure and excitement. Quite a bit of it to be had, perhaps I'll go into more detail later on. Workshops in Alfred, in up-state New York, and on Long Island, turned out to be great fun, even though the latter turned out to be a little more exciting than I'd planned -- I had the date right, but forgot which day of the week it was and ended up having to thread my way through NYC traffic to get to it a couple of hours late. They didn't beat me up, and everyone did fine work.

Dina, at Cloak and Dagger gave me a clue as to what to do with the larger Celtic round knots I posted before. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see.

Next on the agenda, a few days with family in Philadelphia, then the workshops in Stafford, VA, some sightseeing, and more workshops in Afton, TN.
(09-06-2007) My site just got moved to a new server, and there were a couple of glitches. My apologies to those who were trying to sign up for workshops, the problem has been resolved and the form now works properly again.

I finished up in Atlanta and I'm now heading north to my next stop, in Alfred, NY.
(09-02-2007) I'm currently in the first week of my September tour, spending Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, at Dragon*Con.

The new ring prices are ready, but my bandwidth is restricted at the moment and uploads are slow. Those who have already been given a quote, don't worry: I don't change prices after I've negotiated an agreement.
(08-13-2007) It's possible that I might be doing workshops in Massachusetts, near Boston, and likely that I'll do so in New York City, during my September trip. Check my schedule or email me for details.

I found an interesting way to make loops for the bottom end of earwires, much less work (for me) and not at all bad looking.
(08-06-2007) Due to scheduing conflicts, the folks at Jane's Fiber and Beads in Afton, TN have requested that I move the workshop dates to the last weekend in September, which I have done. The gives me more time to drive up to Maine and back, which I am hoping to do, and I'll be available for stops along the way. See the sign-up page or the Workshops/Shows page, linked above.
(07-29-2007) The convention in Tulsa (Conestoga) was great, and I'm hoping to go back again next year. I get to stay home and prepare for the next trip, several weeks away, and work on some updates to the website. One of those will be a reworking of the price pages. Everything keeps going up, including the tools and materials I require for my work, so even though I hate raising prices, I'm stuck with the necessity. The new prices will be effective after Labor Day, the beginning of September, as soon as I have them posted. No current orders will be affected, so if you've already got a quote on your rings, you don't need to worry about having to pay more.

Any knot that can be displlayed in two dimensions should be possible to tie in metal, and I've recently taken up the challenge and done this with another very intricate knot, a six-paneled knot that is attributed to the Picts (same general area and time as the Celts) and is found in a book by George Bain, "Celtic Art".
(07-19-2007) On the road again, workshops and convention tour. I had a great time in St. Louis, MO, with eight students for the bracelet and rings, last weekend, and I'm curently in Kansas City, MO for KFest. I'm going to be at Conestoga 11 this weekend, in the art show, and then head home again.

For those who are interested, I have two versions of the group photo taken in KC, a small one and a large one, showing everyone we could drag out into the parking lot.
(06-30-2007) Just did some minor editing, updated the workshop and shows schedule, the frequently asked questions, and added the most recent mass mailings to the page where I keep them. I'm not sure how well the mailing list works, but I do get some responses. Still, if you think you're on my mailing list and haven't received the most recent messages, please let me know, so I can make any needed adjustments.

Just got notified that I've been juried into the art show at Dragon*Con.
(06-23-2007) Hypericon 2007 was a blast, I had a great time and tried something new while I was there. During my session, I invited some audience participation and had them make Celtic Ovals, the Carrick Bend mat knot that I use in my knotted chain-mail, and then we hung them from earwires to make jewelry. That meant that there were a number of young women circulating at the convention who were wearing jewelry made in the same style as mine, which boosted my status a bit... even though they made their own earrings, I got a bit of the credit and some public notice.

I'm working on more convention and workshop plans, and have updated the Workshops/Shows page, and the workshop sign-up page, with the latest information.
(06-13-2007) A couple of new things going on. One, I've been persuaded to do some simpler rings, lately, by urgent customer requests, and therefore I had to do some thinking about how I price such rings. I've concluded that my price list for five-lead rings is valid for all rings with as many as five-leads, i.e., if you're going to ask me for a three-lead ring, the base price will be calculated from the number of loops around the edge, with a slightly smaller materials surcharge, taken from the five-lead rings' price page.

The second new thing, or at least that I've decided to mention for the first time here, is that several couples have been very excited to learn that their rings came from the same piece of metal, originally, and I agreed to document that, on this page. If you scroll down to the second set of examples, you'll see one of the narrower rings, mentioned above.
(06-11-2007) No luck getting things set up for another trip out west, but I'm working on plans for several trips during the remainder of this year. I'll be in the midwest in July (yes, very hot, I know), and possibly in North Carolina in early August. During September, I'm hoping to travel up to the northeastern states and back, returning in time for a local convention in early October, then another trip a month later, with several workshops and two science fiction conventions, from St Paul, MN, to Philadelphia, PA and then home again by December. Details on the Workshops/Shows page, and some preliminary workshop registration entries on the sign-up page, above.
(05-30-2007) If I'd waited a couple of days to do the last few updates, I could've left out the entrees entirely. Still, I like to keep track of what's going on. The story behind the flurry of problems over the last few days is too complicated to lay out in detail, but a brief description is in order. My site was hacked, along with some others, on Thursday of last week. I thought I'd fixed it, but that night it was taken offline by the host, with no prospect of coming back up. I moved to another host for several days, but my ordering and comment scripts wouldn't work, there, and today I moved again (yes, third time in less than a week) to get everything back to where it should be. I hope that this didn't cause any problems for anyone, and I devoutly hope that it doesn't happen again.
(05-29-2007) Okay, now that the site is back up, I have to rebuild a few scripts. Ordering jewelry and signing up for workshops is currently broken, but I'm hoping to have those working again in a couple of days. In the meantime, please feel free to email me at lorenzo @ golden-knots.com with any questions or messages.
(05-25-2007) I'm not sure when this update will show up, since right now my website is completely off the network. My apologies to all, for the inconvenience, and I hope that things will pick up right where they were and go on.
(05-19-2007) No updates in nearly a month, but I've been very busy. Finally made it home, a few days ago, and I'm missing the road. Plans are in the works for a somewhat shorter trip, out to California and then back across the Midwest, to spend July 4th in Oceanside, do a few events on the west coast, then go see my friends at the computer convention in Kansas City, and home again.

I had so much fun on this last trip that I didn't want to come home, but I was running low on workshop supplies and had to re-stock. Filling orders for wedding rings along the way turned out to be no problem at all, though it would've been nice if two that came in hadn't been rush orders. Everyone got their jewelry in plenty of time, though.
(04-25-2007) I've reached the extreme northwest portion of my workshop tour, and it's time to start heading home. I've been on Lopez Island for a couple of days, and it's just beautiful here. You'll see a couple of pictures in my gallery folder, if you care to look. I'll probably be back out here again soon, but the time frame is still under discussion.
(04-02-2007) I guess I owe the Dallas Craft Guild a vote of thanks -- San Antonio worked out great. I was at a lovely old house in the King Williams area on Saturday and Sunday, with half a dozen students, then on Monday I had just a few students at the originally scheduled location. Everything turned out well, better than it probably would have if I'd met them all on Monday, as previously planned.

I haven't been taking many pictures, so far, just a few here and there. I've added a page to talk about the trip, and will try to keep it up to date, maybe with some pictures.
(03-25-2007) The workshops in Campbell, Missouri went great, but I could barely get any kind of connection there and my email connection suffered. MidSouthCon in Memphis was absolutely wonderful, and I really enjoyed meeting new friends and renewing old friendships there. I'm on my way to Little Rock, Arkansas, for the next set of workshops.

Due to the Dallas Craft Guild's cancellation of their scheduled workshops, I've shifted some dates around, and I'll be in San Antonio that weekend, with two separate groups taking workshops. I should be able to update the schedule page to reflect that soon, but the signup page is up to date, at least.
(03-10-2007) Less than two weeks to go before I head out. I've juggled dates and added some stops along the way, check the Workshops/Shows page for the latest details, or the sign-up page to request registration. Most of the workshops have room for more students.

This will be my longest trip to date, and I'm really looking forward to getting started. I'll remain in touch, and keep the website up to date, and I should be able to keep up with any wedding ring orders that come in, since I've put plenty of time in between workshops for travel and visiting and relaxing, and will have the essential tools with me.
(02-18-2007) Working on materials for the big spring trip out to the northwest, mostly, but I did manage to make it to the opening day of the Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival, and took a few pictures there.

While avoiding other tasks, I managed to tie a siver circlet that's very Celtic looking.

Plans for the trip are almost all completed, but there are still plenty of spaces for students in some of the workshops. Take a look at my schedule page, and my workshop sign-up page, to see what is coming up.
(01-22-2007) Home again, and it's already time to begin preparations for the next trip -- a month and a half to get all the new workshop kits done, organize the class rosters, and work on some projects, not to mention taking care of wedding ring orders along the way.

There will be a meeting of local chain-mail enthusiasts on February 10th, which should be fun, and I've got some local teaching on the schedule -- if anything else comes along, I'll add that to the schedule as well.

I tried to have my cake and eat it, at Arisia 2007, attending the Masquerade and trying to take pictures as well, and so I have very few decent costuming shots. The folder with the pictures that I managed to get is found in the picture galleries, linked above.
(01-10-2007) I'm in the frozen north, and enjoying it a lot. I haven't worked on the jacket much (see folder in the entry just before this, I've added a couple of pictures to it), but I've had some fun with students. The workshop in Afton, TN went well, and now I'm getting ready for the one in Littleton, MA.

I got tired of typing in the full address for people when they express doubt of my ever having worn a beard, so if you're brave or foolish enough, click here to see some examples of "Loren down the ages."
(01-01-2007) I hope that everyone has enjoyed their New Year's celebration. Everything is now in readiness for the workshops, but one of my projects is falling behind. I've been working on this for a while, now, and had hoped to have it ready for Arisia, but there's no way that will happen. If I tuck all the ends in (much quicker than soldering them!), it can be worn briefly for modeling, but I'm not sure if I'm even going in the right direction with it. Take a look at the Bolero Jacket that I've been working on -- I welcome suggestions.
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