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I've got so many different folders with pictures from conventions that it's getting unwieldy, so I've decided to add this page that consists of just a listing of those, which you can then explore from here. Note that most of the costumes shown are made by the wearers, at the science fiction conventions.
Archon 2008
Arisia 2005
Arisia 2006
Arisia 2007
Arisia 2008
Arisia 2010
Bay Area Renaissance Festival 2005
Bay Area Renaissance Festival 2006
Bay Area Renaissance Festival 2007
Conestoga 2007
Caribbean cruise 2009
Caribbean cruise 2010
Dragon*Con 2003
Dragon*Con 2004
Dragon*Con 2005
Dragon*Con 2006
Dragon*Con 2007
FL Ren-fair 2006
Hypericon 2006
Hypericon 2007
IGKT 2005
KFest 2006
MidsouthCon 2005
MidsouthCon 2006
MidsouthCon 2007
MidsouthCon 2010
Michigan Renaissance Fair
Necronomicon 2004
Necronomicon 2005
Necronomicon 2006
Necronomicon 2008
Oasis 2005
Oasis 2006
Oasis 2007
Philcon 2004
Philcon 2005
Philcon 2006
Philcon 2007
Tolcon 2005
Tucson TRL
Van Nuys, 2006
Western workshop tour, 2007
Winter tour, 2008
Windycon 2007
Each of the links will open a new folder, with lists of pictures that you can click on. Just use the "back" button in each case to return to the picture lists, and then close the window with the list to return to this page.

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