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One of the requests I get, from time to time, is to accept old jewelry and melt it down to make new pieces that have a real connection to the old ones. I generally refuse, because not all gold jewelry is well-marked, so I might not know what is in it, and there are also some alloys that do not lend themselves to rolling out and drawing into wire. However, there is a way to show connections, between rings that I make here and now, by simply continuing into the second ring while the wire is still attached to the first one. When I get an order for a set of wedding rings, I make sure that I have enough wire all in one length (or two, if they have contrasting colors), before I start. Here is a pair of rings that were tied all on the same length of twisted yellow wire:
One wire, two rings.
Once they're trimmed and sized, I take another picture of them together, and here is a nice shot of the above rings:
Same two rings, completed.
Here's another pair, with two colors, showing how both strands pass through both rings:
Whte and yellow strands.
And, again, the completed set:
Whte and yellow strands, complete.
If this appeals to you, please let me know when you order your wedding set, so I'll know to leave them together for the first picture I take, and I'll make sure you can have a copy of that picture to add to your store of mementos.

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