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One of the interesting aspects I've noticed about the prolong Knot is that the end of it resembles the carrick mat that I tie to make knotted chain-mail, which is the same knot as a three-lead by four-bight turk's head. This interest led me to some discoveries about the interface between the two varieties of knot, and allowed me to create this composite piece, a Prolong-knot bracelet with a Turk's-head situated midway.
Composite -- Turk's-head and Prolong bracelet.
Here's another view of it. Click on the picture to toggle the focus from the focal knot to the ends. The hole in the center of the five-lead by eight-bight Turk's-head has inspired a number of comments and suggestions for filling it, but I have the same answer for them all: I'll teach you how to tie the knots, then you can add all the beads you like.
Composite -- Turk's-head and Prolong bracelet back view.

I've used a five-lead by seven-bight to get past the symmetry issue, (it's too straight!) and it turned into a beautiful central knot for a circlet. Look here for a picture of it with one of the older circlets to compare them.
Composite -- Turk's-head and Prolong bracelet circlet.

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