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The DVD:

The DVD is entitled "Knotted Wire Jewelry" and it explains and demonstrates three distinct varieties of my work: Turk's-Heads, Prolong Knots, and Knotted Chain-Mail. The first category, Turk's-Heads, are the ones I've been doing the longest, making rings and bracelets of this intricate and beautiful pattern, and you can see examples of them all over my website. (29 minutes)

The second category, Prolong Knots, I developed as a concession to those who admired my Turk's-Head bracelet but expressed concern over wearing something permanently. (I've worn mine for eight years, now, and I've only had it off three times.) The Prolong Knot bracelet is a cuff, and can be removed and replaced easily. (42 minutes)

The third category, Knotted Chain-Mail, is a variation on the Turk's-Head, using one very simple version of it, tied multiple times, and with many individual knots linked together to form larger patterns. (20 minutes)

If you add up the times for the three, you can see that there is very little room to spare on the DVD. I would have liked to include even more material, and it is very possible that I'll be releasing more DVDs as time goes on, to cover some special implementations of the methods introduced with this one.

The kits:

While there are many who will be happy to have the disc itself, and will go on to replicate the tools and fixtures I demonstrate, I suspect that there will be those who would prefer to take advantage of my work over the years, developing special tools that are either unavailable, or at least not available in forms that are easily adaptable to the task, anywhere else.

All of the projects on the DVD use a couple of basic tools in common, and also some specialized fixtures created for the purpose. I will be selling any of them separately, or all three kits together at a discount. By default, kits will include just the tools that are only available from me, and the more commonly found tools will simply be listed as recommended purchases. Those will also be listed on my order page as separate items to be added to the purchase if desired.

The basic all-in-one kit will not have all possible Turk's-Head patterns, or all possible cuff-style bracelets, since the possibilities for both are practically infinite. I will list a few of each that I have worked on, and can reproduce the tools for, and purchasers can expect some additional documentation along with them. I've got standard patterns for the ones in my workshops, but I have no facilities for mass-production and every single one is made by hand, following a pattern that I originated.

Special orders for fixtures not in my usual line-up will be considered, but the design and construction of them will be factored into their cost.

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