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Me, and some links that interest me:
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What, me worry?
<-- Me . . . My brother in law, Jeff Harper, drew this. It's pretty accurate. (Hah! I should look so good . . . ;-)
My cats, Smeagol and Isabel.
One of my nephews, Benjamin, and his Creative Football Cookie!. Another pair of nephews, Sean and Scott
Progenitors of Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Animations..
Beautiful guitars from Bob Benedetto.
A Prairie Home Companion is my favorite radio program.
The music of Trout Fishing in America is delightful - if you've never heard of them, it's about time you did!
The computer that brought me into the information age, the Apple II is still my favorite kind of computer, though I like all my others too.
I've become interested in ballroom dancing, especially swing and contra. Here's a great site with even more stuff.

The Library of Congress has provided access to their musical archives, through the "National Jukebox". Check 'em out!
Some wonderful costume-makers, Dina and Anne, of Cloak and Dagger, made me some clothing to go along with my silver vest.
Taisia, an enchanting young artist whom I met in Atlanta while at Dragon*Con, has a website where her drawings and artwork are well worth looking over.
I'm not a bicycle fanatic, but these folks' dedication touches on divine madness: Rivendell
Speaking of bicycles, I know people who are, or have been, rather crazy about them. Charlie Kelly is an example. He's also done an interesting knot that he showed me, found partway down on that page.
Someone just posted a link to a "Wave Machine", which simulates wave action and makes some of the most entrancing visuals I've seen. You can interact with it, very cool. Be sure and look at the rest of the site.
While Googling around, I ran into some very interesting information about Turk's Heads. "Of Torus and Turk's Head Knots" and "Mathematical Modeling", also of Turk's Head Knots. Very cool work by Skip Pennock.
Interesting but not very comfortable information about eyes.
Some information about Asperger's Syndrome; more about it here, and here, and here. Fergus Murray (Wave Machine) gave me a link to some more interesting stuff along these lines, here.

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