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"Link partner" policy.
The main reason I place links here on my site is to show people things that I find interesting. I hope that's the reason others choose to place links to my site on theirs. I've received a number of requests, over the years, to include links to sites that are of no particular interest to me, but which I thought might conceivably interest others, and I've usually complied, but lately it's becoming an unwelcome burden.

I'm not talking about the folks who write and tell me what they think of my work (usually good, I'm glad to say) and offer to show me things that they think I would be interested in, I'm talking about the boilerplate messages I get, with the same phrasing, over and over, from strangers who obviously have zero interest in what I'm doing, and whose sites are little more than "link farms". It is telling that they never bother to address me as anything other than "webmaster". I have a name.

So, you are now on notice. If you want to link to me, I'm fine with that, but if you want me (or anyone, for that matter) to display a link to your site, please, put something there that's interesting, and then do something with it. Talk to people, hang out online with folks who have common interests, even buy advertising somewhere, whatever. I'm no expert, don't ask me how to do it. I'm also not your shill, so don't ask me to do it for you, either.
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