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Smeagol Smeagol was born on July 7, 1995, and lived the first year or so of his life with a breeder in Longwood, Florida. He's a "Blue Mink Tonkinese", and weighs a hefty (for tonks) 12 pounds. For the first few days after he came to live with me, he lurked under my four-poster, and all I saw of him was a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness. Either that explains the name, or it doesn't, depending on your reading history.

It was pointed out to me some time ago that I was violating the unwritten rule of the World Wide Web by not having the obligatory pet-picture either prominently displayed on the first screen, or easily accessible therefrom. I am now officially in compliance.

May 22, 2002 -- I'm very sad, because he's gone. He was a sweet and loving creature, and I'll miss him sorely.
Meet Isabel. This rakish little lady showed up in my front yard last year, skinny as a rail and apparently wild. It became clear that she wasn't completely wild, but she was very suspicious of humans and would only come within ten feet of me for a long time, several weeks.

Now she'll let me scratch her head, but I've never picked her up. She's sleek and well-fed, but still quite independent, and she shows up on her schedule, if she shows up at all. Smeagol regarded her with deep suspicion.

News flash: after a while, it became clear that Isabel had at one time been male, but this was only discovered after s/he became trusting enough to roll over and get a belly rub. Now known as "Isabel Is-A-Bill".
09-20-10 R.I.P. Isabel Is-A-Bill. This morning was his last, and I will miss him. Interred with full honors, under the banyan tree in the back yard.

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