Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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I have made a number of settings for larger stones, and the knots are just like the ones I use for rings, normally a single strand model, sized in such a way as to barely fit the outside perimeter of a round or oval stone, then forced inward around the edges in the form of a bezel.

To set very small stones, such as the emeralds, tanzanites, and diamond that are pictured elsewhere, smaller wire is appropriate, and it is a little easier to bend, however the difficulty of producing such small knots increases by leaps and bounds as the size decreases. The complexity of the knot is limited by the size, naturally; it would be impossible to produce, for example, a 5 x 11 turk's head setting for a half-carat diamond, while I have a number of opals, some of which I have already made settings for, that are large enough for knots as complex as 5 x 16.

The following pieces are actually in my possession, and the prices are tentative, based on the complexity of the knots used as well as the cost of the stones. Serious offers are welcome, of course. Note that most of these are unique, not merely because I haven't done them again, but because the stones are themselves unique. Each opal is distinctly individual, the product of a particular stone and the particular person who cuts and polishes it, and there will never be another like it. The settings are unique, also, as each knot must be tied by hand. If you see one of these articles of jewelry, anywhere, ever, it came from my hands.
Jewelry item Price Buy it now.
Prolong Knot Chain Ring (12 links - size 8) $1,600.
Ruby Earrings $2,600.
Garnet Earrings $1,900.
5x6 Knotted Chain, with Opal Call me ---------
Purple opal $650.

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