Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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These earrings are all made with knots tied around precious gems. To see some earrings made with just knots, click here.

Fire opal earrings. Here are the fire opals in their 5x14 settings. I did a lot of selecting to try to match them up, since I planned to make earrings of them, but finally gave up the attempt. Who looks at both ears at the same time, anyway?

These were made for display, but see my special price list.
Ruby earrings, 5x8 18K.
These are Madagascar Red rubies, a deep rich purplish red color, tied in 5x8 Turk's Heads.

Garnet earrings, 5x12 18K.
Here's a pair of orange garnets, also known as "spessartine garnets" or "Mandarin garnets", tied up in 5x12 Turk's Heads. I didn't know garnets came in this color, or could look this good.

Tanzanite earrings, two 5x7 18K settings.
These tanzanites are set with 18K 5x7 knots, on threaded posts. I didn't have a customer for these, just fell in love with the stones and decided to go for it, so I still have these.

I used a new method for making the mountings, for those who are interested. I've also got some very close up shots of the stone in the knot.

I've been asked about pricing for earrings, so I now have a new page devoted to the prices of earrings, pendants, and chains.

Emerald earrings, two 5x6 knot settings
This is a pair of emeralds set with 5x6 knots, mounted on threaded posts, 18K yellow gold. Along with the diamond pictured below, these earrings are simply not found anywhere else. I've made three so far, so there are just three in the entire world. I tied a number of small rings, trying to reach the right size.

Diamond earring, in 5x6 setting.
This is a single earring, a diamond (my recycled engagement ring) set inside a five-lead six-bight Turk's Head knot. The stone is resting loose in the mount, and neither of them is soldered to the knot, but the openings in the knot are too small for either of them to escape. Here's a closeup.

Remember, a gem has to be round-cut, at least a half a carat, or I can't make the setting for it.

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