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I have been looking for knots that have different shapes, and this triangular knot was offered as one possibility for a project that I have in mind. I decided to do the basic knot and see how it went as an earring:
Celtic triangle earring in fine silver.
While the knot isn't exactly what I was looking for, it did pretty well as a simple earring. However, what if I push the pattern out a little? It turns out that it only works (as a single-line pattern) if the number of points is odd. Here's a five-pointed pattern, which I've also used elsewhere:
Celtic Pentangle earring in fine silver.
I liked that, so now I've got one with seven points. It came out rather large, so I shrank it to the same diameter as the five-pointed pattern, which made the knotwork much tighter:
Celtic heptangle earring in fine silver.

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