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Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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The first step is to make a small plain band that's about the size of the stone to be set. This is just a jump ring, soldered closed, then (if necessary) rolled on a tapered cylinder to adjust to the right diameter. Notice the three notches, evenly spaced around the ring. jump ring and stone
support wires on ring I've soldered three thin wires to the ring, about 120 degrees apart. It's still kind of rough, not anything like what it needs to be when the stone rests in it.
The ring is forced over a tapered pin, close to the same shape as the bottom of the stone to be set, which will help it fit more closely to the stone. tapered ring
gathering in the strays The three wires have to be brought in at about the same angle, and will be soldered together to form a solid base. Some shaping and polishing helps make the ring a better fit to the stone, and is easier to do while there's something (the excess wire) to hang onto.
After the wires are fused together and cut off square, it's ready for mounting to the threaded post mount and post
ready for the stone A bit more shaping and polishing, and it's ready to have a stone dropped into it and a knot snugged in around it. You can see some details of one of them, or the finished pair on my earring page.

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