Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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I often make pairs of rings from the same original batch(es) of wire. For more information, see this page. I also hold workshops for couples to make rings for each other.
5x9 and 5x12 matched set,  18K yellow and white gold.
These are made with 18K yellow and white gold, center strand twisted wire, outer strand solid. The colors are reversed, but the weave density is a very close match. Five leads by nine bights, size seven, and five leads by twelve bights, size fourteen.
5x9 and 5x11 matched set,  18K Peach and white gold.
Palladium alloy white 18K and Peach 18K gold, five leads by nine bights and five leads by eleven bights, sizes 7 and 11.
5x11 and 5x9 matched set,  18K yellow and white gold.
These are made with 18K yellow and white gold, all twisted wire. They have a very different "look and feel", compared with my regular rings, because the edges of the rings are not smooth, and the light catches on every twist. They almost sparkle.
7x11 and 5x8 matched set,  platinum and 18K yellow
Platinum and 18K set, a seven-by-eleven and a five-by-eight, completed in March of 2001.
5x11 and 5x9 matched set, 18K yellow and white
Here's the latest matched set, a five-lead eleven-bight and a five-lead nine-bight, in 18K yellow and white gold. I used slightly thinner wire for the smaller ring, to give it a more delicate look while retaining its close relationship to the larger one. This is a wedding set that was custom made for a Texas couple, and so far all they've seen is this picture, but soon they will be "tying the knot" using my knots.
matching set 5x9 and 5x11, 18K white and yellow
As you can see, these two rings have very similar characteristics when it comes to width and the relationships between the strands and leads, but one is clearly a different size. This is accomplished by using a different number of bights in each knot, one being 5x9, the other being 5x11. If two sizes of ring were to be made with the same knot, I would probably use slightly different thicknesses of wire to try to match the appearances.
[Matching rings, platinum and gold, gold and platinum]
These two rings match each other in complementary fashion, rather than directly. The one on the left is made with a solid strand of platinum and a twisted strand of yellow gold, while the one on the right is made with a solid strand of gold and a twisted strand of platinum.

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