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Sometimes when people look at my favorite ring pattern, a Turk's head that's been tripled with the path being solid/twisted/solid, they'll make the comment: "Oh, is that center strand braided?" It's actually three strands laid together just like rope, i.e., twisted around each other in parallel helixes. For details on how I make those, see THIS page.

I wouldn't use a plain braid, because it would be flat. (Assuming a traditional 3-strand braid, that is.) Instead, I would create a solid sinnet, a three-dimensional braid, like the Ashley's Book of Knots #3011. The braid is altogether different, three strands weaving through three strands. Here's a Youtube video I've uploaded that shows the technique I used to make the braid.
After I made the above section of wire (about 24" when I finished it) I made a doubled silver ring and inserted the sinnet between the two passes. Here's what that looks like:
silver and 24K
For a closer look at the center strand, here:

silver and 6-strand 24K

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