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[Finger action] The twisted center strand that I use in many of my rings is actually made in a similar fashion to rope. The three strands are held at one end, and led through a die with three holes cut through it, so the strands can un-twist as they are moved into place, as shown at left. (The old page describing the process is moved to HERE.) I've used a number of different dies and means of keeping the wire from tangling, along the way, but now I have a much better setup. Here's a Youtube video to show how it's done:
I sell this tool for $30. It includes the precision-cut die, a set of ball-bearing swivels on short steel fishing leaders, and a CD with holes punched in the correct locations.
The three-strand cables are my usual choice, but I was asked about a seven-strand cable. Here are six strands around a core. It takes a special die and quite a bit of fiddling around, but it is possible.
seven part cable

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