Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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The colors that I have readily available are Yellow, Yellow-green, Nickel-white, Palladium-white, Rose, Peach Gold®, and Champagne. Of these the hardest to work with is the Nickel-white, followed by the Palladium-white. I consider Yellow to be the "default" color, as it is most commonly available and is easy to mix and to work with. Due to the difficulty of acquisition or the the difficulty of working the others, I charge a small premium of $35 when they are requested.
The latter two, Peach Gold® and Champagne, are somewhere between Yellow and Rose. Very warm colors, they are unusual enough to cause heads to turn, while still being unmistakeably gold. Peach Gold® is a patented color only available from Hoover & Strong, but the Champagne is the result of a happy accident in my lab, which I have yet to duplicate. In other words, there is a limited quantity available at the moment, and there is no assurance that I will be able to produce more.
I have a picture of several rings together, with a guide to their colors. Your results, viewing it, will be dependent upon your monitor's ability to display color, but at least you can compare them with each other.

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