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The cool thing about regular polygons is that you can tile them together into regular solids. The pentagon makes a dodecahedron, a twelve-sided figure. I did this with the same size knots that I used for the earrings, tying each successive knot into the ones just completed. Here's a shot showing one facet of the figure:
Celtic Dodecahedron facet
Turning it slightly gives a different perspective. You can see that it's a bit lopsided -- I let someone look at it and she dropped it, and it is, unfortunately, a bit delicate. Note that there are twelve separate knots, tied one by one, but each one tied into the ones completed previously.
Celtic Dodecahedron at an angle.
The corners are all intersections of three planes. Here you can see where they come together, and each knot's corner loop is passing through both of the other corner loops:
Celtic Dodecahedron detail.

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