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Larger prolong knot, started with a carrick bend. These are very similar to the knots I used to make a bracelet and other items, early in 2002. Notice that one of them has four loops along the edge, rather than three, and the other has six. (Five doesn't work.) Even the six-loop knot is too small for one of my projects -- scroll down to see a size 0.5 toe-ring.
Small prolong knot.

For comparison, here is an example of the other, older knot. This is the simplest of these knots, the bare minumum stable knot in the series. I decided that I wanted to go on to make a bracelet of one of the larger knots, which I'll place on this page when I have something to show for my efforts.
six-loop prolong knot bent into a toe-ring.

Here is the larger of the two knots at the top, bent around in a "c" shape to make a toe-ring. I think I need to either make this knot larger, or make another knot with more loops. A seven-loop knot is possible, or at least I can do it in string.
The Prolong knot below has ten loops on each side. It may even be too long for a toe ring, but I haven't got around to trying it yet.
10-loop prolong knot.

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