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Large prolong knot.

This is a simple knot, but its structure lends itself to extension, three loops at a time. This is very easily done with string, but if I do it in metal I have to actually tie the whole thing at once, instead of loosening and adding more material.
Small prolong knot.

Here's the same knot, tied smaller and tighter, with smaller gauge wire. I like this one better, and experimented with tying several of them side-by-side as a flat-link chain.
Prolong knot chain.

Here's the chain, four links in pure silver. Now that I know it works, it's time to try a bracelet in 18K gold.
And here it is in 18K yellow gold, seventeen links complete, just a few more and a clasp left to go.

Prolong knot chain in 18K yellow gold.
Finished! Twenty links, one of which has elongated loops along one side to form hooks, which go through the edge loops at the other end.

Finished prolong knot chain in 18K yellow gold.
Here's a silver choker, thirty-one links, with the same sort of catch.

Silver prolong-knot choker.

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