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I've made another necklace somewhat like the one pictured here, but with an addition suggested by a young lady who admired that one. This one has several extra rows of same-sized knots at the inner edge, so that there is now a section that acts as a choker, and the rest of it flares out over the shoulders.
Silver necklace with 180 knots.
Looking at this picture, I've had several people ask "How did you polish that?" or "How do you get it on and off?", because it looks as though it would hold its shape. However, the picture is taken under unusual conditions -- I explain it down at the bottom of this page. Here's what the necklace usually looks like:
Silver necklace with 180 knots, wadded up. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just that all the individual knots are loose, just interlinked through the loops around their edges, making the necklace very flexible. In addition, each row has a clasp, so it can open up to fit around the neck.
I doubt if all of the clasps are necessary, but while I was at it I added one to each row. Here's a shot that shows how they hook together: Lined up clasps, closing necklace.
Here's my secret for taking the picture above: I sewed the outer row of knots, the largest one, to a piece of black velvet stretched in an embroidery frame, then I hung it upside down to let the necklace dangle away from it. I then took the picture, which has been rotated 180 degrees. You can see the black thread holding the necklace to the velvet if you look closely at the picture.

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