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Turk's-head ring

Possible sizes resulting from students' workshop.

I normally provide a fixture that produces a 9-bight pattern, i.e., there are nine loops around each side of the ring. The fixture has nine stations along its length, actually ten rows of holes that are evenly spaced around the circumference, which are used in pairs. The spacing between rows determines the size of the resulting ring, within a range.
Nine possible rings
Observe in the picture above that all of the examples are doubled. The approximate sizes, from left to right: 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7.25, 8.25, 9.75, 11.25, 13,5, and 14.5 -- please note that they are not at "full stretch", and could be larger, and that if I were to triple them, either using the rest of the wire that is already present, or a contrasting strand led between the two original strands, that they would certainly be smaller. The diameter can vary by more than a size, up or down, meaning that just about any size ring from 3 to 15 can be made with just this fixture.
This is also the "9-bight" ring fixture that is featured on my ordering page, and is the default fixture in the ring-making tutorial/kit.
Here is what they look like after I've mostly finished them. ("Mostly", since I may stretch them further, for one thing, and also because they haven't been polished yet.)
Finished 9-bight rings.

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