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The comment page is always there, but it would be nice if people used it more often. I always enjoy reading them. Here is a selection, unedited and unattributed, though I have trimmed some personal information and left out the ones that had questions to add to my frequently asked questions page:
(07-28-06) From: Barry

Loren, Recently, within the last year, my wife purchased a turks head ring for me as a wedding band. Ispecified that my finger was size 12, but when it came it was 12 and a half. I have been wearing it, but last night it slipped off some how and I don't know where. I have looked everywhere I was yesterday but have not found it. how much would it cost to replace it?

(I responded with the current price for his ring. Two days later...)

The turks head ring was good looking, but the size was half a size too large and it fell off the other night and I didn't realize it until the next day.

the ring was worn most days unless I was working or sailing.

I had to have it reinforced by a local jeweler for $110
My full response:

Mr ...,

I replied to your earlier request for a price quote on replacing your lost ring, but received no response. You just submitted another comment by way of my website, again telling me that you lost your ring, but I can't tell if you got my last message, or are receiving this message or not.

Please be assured that I am committed to the satisfaction of my customers, and, had I known the ring was a half-size too large, I would have immediately taken steps to re-size it or replace it with one of the correct size. As for having a local jeweller reinforce it, I don't understand why you felt it necessary to pay him over a hundred dollars when I would have been happy to take care of the matter at no charge.

I went back and looked at the order from last year, and you stated your size was 12.5 at the time. I have no problem with correcting sizes when mistakes are made, and in fact I just finished making _three_ rings in succession, to satisfy one customer who mis-measured her ring size. These things happen, and I take a great deal of pride in the quality of my service as well as that of my rings.

Given that you did not inform me that there was a problem during the initial sixty day grace period (please see the paragraph at the bottom of the invoice included with the ring), I had no reason to believe that there was any difficulty with the ring's fit or quality. When you had another jeweller work on it without consulting me, you voided the lifetime warranty on that ring.

In light of the above, but as a reflection of my own wish to be fair, I would be willing to replace your ring at the price you paid before, rather than the current price.

Loren Damewood
(06-18-06) From: Sue

Thank you for coming to spend time with us in Guelph!!!

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course, you were an amazing teacher and more importantly amazingly patient LOL :)

Please let me know if you are in Ontario again ... it would be worth while to spend another weekend perfecting the techniques that you taught. Maybe you should consider an Advanced course ... actually I should call it Basic Part II, since I would never consider myself advanced :)

Anyway, thanks again and if you are ever in Ontario you always have a place to stay :)

(04-27-06) From: Sharon

Just wanted to say "Thank You".

I have recently taken a few jewelry workshops, and in my insatiable quest for more information, have been goggling "twisted wire jewelry". I found your site yesterday, and as I am also interested in knots (having been married to a sailor for 25 years), I have found your website extremely interesting, educational, beautiful and entertaining.

Thank you for the time and effort you have put into it.

Sharon L.
(04-22-06) From: Jeanette

Hello Loren,

I'd love to learn to make jewellery using these techniques, but find it difficult following these directions. Any suggestions for dummies? I can manage to do viking knitting very successfully and love the effect and would like to learn this too. I am a gemmology student who also does lapidary and think this would be very complementary. I live in Australia so am not really able to attend a workshop over there.

I'm looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards
My response:


I'd love to come to Australia, and probably will do so after I retire in a couple of years. I figure a month or two would be good, hitting a few different areas and teaching anyone who's interested, and maybe visiting some opal fields just to see what my favorite stones look like in their native habitat. :)

Some of the things I teach in my workshops I just can't put into words. Once your hands have done it, you know what it feels like for the wire to turn into the right shape. I'm working on a book that includes a lot more pictures, and the best descriptions I can come up with, but it's going slowly.

(03-28-06) From: Steve

LOVE your stuff !! I'm a bit of a knot freak myself. Turkshead's are wonderful ,but the STAR KNOT is my favorite. I've never tryed tying wire, usually seine twine. I've been wearing a 6 leaf(?) starknot ring for years. Usually they're 5 leaf , but by adding one one can incorperate the 3 strand braided ring ,so you don't have to fasten the star on to some other ring. Follow me ? It would be beautiful in wire. Another creation of mine is tying Mathew Walker knots back to back ,for a great beaded affect.
(03-11-06) From: Suzan

Hello Loren,

Your options and sense of humour are great! I actually found you by searching the 'about' site for information about making jewelry with wire....wire weaving...and there you were.

I'm going to paste a letter that i've been composing which is long, so you don't have to read it...just please know how much i have enjoyed reading about you and also viewing your site, and reading what you have to say; NOT TO MENTION viewing your beautiful work. ---

I'm sure you receive many such notes, and maybe even one from me, when i first found your site!

I was browsing through my favorites and spent a good amount of time browsing through your beautiful site; looking at your amazing work and enjoying reading. I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable and inspiring it was.

Thanks again for sharing yourself with all of us,
(03-07-06) From: Josh

Hello my friend, I emailed you for pointers on making your rings 3 years ago or so, which you kindly helped me out with, but I hadn't been back to your site since. It was nothing personal, I just hadn't much ability or drive to continue doing much of anything when the gold band I made for my girlfriend left shortly after my proposal of being together forever. But about 2 weeks ago I started talking to another girl who it turns out is interested in crafty things. So I showed her the only turks head ring that hadn't been lost, or taken from me, and she loved it, so I came back to look at your work again for inspiration to make something new, and I have to say that you blow my mind even more than you used to with the intricate wanderings of your wires... Your chain mail is just amazing, and I thought you should know.

I've been making my ring jigs from dowels, and broken pool sticks lately, with small nails sunk into pilot holes, but only my nicest piece looks 1/10th as nice as your worst. Someday I will attend one of your workshops so I can marvel at a few of your pieces in person.

Wishing you many more years of success and good fortune.

(02-12-06) From: Chris and Julie

Ordering and shipping was quick and professional. You did great Loren.
Talking to you and meeting with you helped us out immensely, it was extremely useful to talk with you and pick your brain.
...they are our wedding rings and we are very excited about wearing them every day and probably only taking them off for very heavy work and net handling.
The size is great, on the larger ring I had to make it a bit smaller but it has been a bit cold so my hands have shrunk a bit.
My apologies to all the folks who wrote in since the below, and prior to those comments above -- I've been neglecting this page. I received a negative comment recently, though, which brought it back to mind. Read on...
(12-26-2002) I just wanted to express my deep appreciation that I have for you as well as your website. I am a young artist that has recently become very intriged and interested in jewelry making. I have been experimenting with wire jewelry and have been able to produce a number of interesting things. I am currently a college student seeking an AA and I have been greatly moved and inspired by your website. I have a passion for jewelry and have been wanting to delve further into the craft. I just want to thank you for being so passionate about your work and creating such magnificent works of art. You have greatly inspired me as an artist and I wish you much luck and happiness.
(11-23-2002) WOW! I was blown away when I saw your web site for the first time. I have a worn and well used copy of Ashley Book of Knots. I've been doing knots and fancy work since macrome was in vogue. Lets just say many many years. Again, I was amazed at what you have done with the simple turks head. Since I have found your web site I have gone out and spent about 500 dolars on wire working supplies. I'm hooked.

I retired from the Navy in 1997 now I tend bar, hence the email address. I have lots of time and was getting bored in the afternoons. Not any more. Thanks for the inspiration. You are a true "MASTER".
(11-22-2002) Just wanted to say you have a wonderful website here. I hope to pattern mine after it when I get it going. I especially enjoyed reading the customer testimonials.
(10-09-2002) I stumbled upon your site while working on a school project. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
(09-10-2002) just letting you know how much I appreciate your website. The work you are doing is far-and-away more than I could do.

A heads-up: I am quite familiar with Ashley's and the Encyclopedia and others. I spent several years working with Elissa, the three masted barque based in Galveston. But that was many years ago. Now I am getting married, and have been surfing for wedding rings.

I thought perhaps to make my own turks heads-type rings, but the complexity of it is daunting, and the cost (though obviously justified) prohibitive to my meager budget. Perhaps someday, though...

Anywho, thanks for your website. (Ever thought about writing a book, and/or teaching classes?)
(09-06-2002) I received my ring as a Christmas gift from the love of my life, my soulmate, for the Christmas of 2001. The relationship did not survive. I will, however, treasure this ring for the rest of my life. I am an artist and this ring is a true work of art.
(06-07-2002) Hi, firstly I must say that I think your work is really very beautiful, I have never seen anything like it before.
I don't expect you to give away trade secrets, but how could i get started doing knots? Do you have any simple patterns to follow?
I love to work with wire, but have never (and probably never will) do anything as intricate as you do!
(06-02-2002) I really like your work and I am interested in learning more about knots.
Your site is very informative and so easy to navigate!!!!!!
It makes me want to learn more about knotting.!!!!
(04-06-2002) unusual for me to do this - however, to call a spade a spade and not a shovel, thank you for your energy. your handwork & design, your understanding of the gestalt of "from scratch", and your clear desire to share your feel- ings and knowledge added up to a right fine gestalt of its own. been doing Marlingspike knotting for roughly 35 yrs. and Bucky Fuller's Synergetic Geometry for 20 - and it's been all too infrequent in finding your level of quality - so, again, thanks for energy.
(03-24-2002) I'm taking the time to send a comment because you have taken the time and effort to create an extremely interesting and informative web site. I do metalsmithing as a hobby and appreciate your beautiful work and technique. I love the texture and intricacy of your work. The tone of your writing is great - warm, clear but not overly informal.

I think you will appreciate that I started this particular internet search looking for examples of Mary Lee Hu's work. She's an incredible metalsmithing artist who makes beautiful woven and twined jewelry. Your work follows in the same great tradition.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and lovely work.
(03-15-2002) i am a crafter who is getting more and more interested in making jewelry. i live in a very rural area, not able to get classes, etc. so i surf, trying to find how-to's, ideas, etc.

when i happened on to your site. the only thing i can say is WOW!!! beautiful work!!! you are one of the true jewelry artisans!!!!!!!!

i will return often for ideas, and help. i know you don't want to share secrets. i will never be competition to you, would love to learn more from you, anything you are interested in sharing, etc.

again i say WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY!!!
(02-22-2002) I've tried to knot the turk's head for some time and it never worked, (oke, I could do 3 leads, but as you said yourself, that doesn't count) And thanks to your explaining pictures I just finished my first ring with 5 leads! And even better, I think i UNDERSTAND it!
(02-05-2002) I am a wire worker. I am new to it but it consumes almost all of my spare time. I think that your web site is the most exciting of all the sites on wire sculpted jewelry. I will never be able to do what you do but I have been a fan of Linda Chandler for a long time. I could never figure out how those woven wire pieces are made. Since I visited your site.. Now I know and I also know that it is far beyond my expertise. I am also a big fan of Preston Reuther. I think he is the master of wire sculpting as I know it. I plan to get one of his courses and advance to the best that I can be. I also Like Ed Sinclair's work and he is just the nicest guy. He will help any one to understand wire sculpting. I will close now but I just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed by your work.
(01-24-2002) linked to your site through wrapture wire jewelry i found through internet msn search for wire jewelry projects....
I am totally entranced by your wonderful work.
(10-01-2002) just wanted to mention that your jewellery is some of the most beautiful i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just lovely, and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a jewellery artist and enjoy working with wire quite a bit. a recent commission had me struggling with terrible 10ky wire (because that's the karat that the customer wanted)...and i had way too much trouble with brittleness and cracking with my unique linkage. your website convinced me to not accept commissions for that bracelet in anything less than 18k, because, nevermind the lovelier color, it's much nicer to work with! (not to mention more expensive, haha!)
a couple questions for you: is that why you've been working with higher karats? and have you made anything in 10 or 14k? just curious!! :)
(12-26-2001) Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for the "How-to's"! I've already tied the 5/4 and will try some others later. I've been tying simple turk's heads for years, taught by my father, but he never learned the bigger ones. Now maybe I can teach HIM a new knot!
(12-01-2001) Ran across your website while surfing through some of the jewelry-wire sites and found your bracelets and rings very unique and interesting. I am just starting to do some work in wire wrapping and seedbead jewelry work. But with the really neat work I have seen on your site I am inspired to try to make a simplified bracelet for my daughter for her birthday. I think this will probably take a while as I am having a cataract removed in three weeks but I have some silver wire I will play with. Your site is very inspirational and I will recommend it to anyone interested in this type of beautifully hand crafted jewelry. I read most of your site and loved the story of the young woman, you seem to have a well developed sense of humor, carry on.
(09-12-2001) i like your work a lot. It seems exciting to be able to make such nice knots.Keep up the good work. Have you tried other knots in precious metals, like a "monkey fist" or others?
(09-02-2001) Hello, I like your site. Very informative and professional. I feel as though I am getting to know you as I cruise around. The rings are beautiful, but I cannot see the bracelets. The photos show up blank. (ed.: Fixed it.)
(07-12-2001) I followed your comments on Orchid to find your site and am totally thrilled to find something that really excites me! I think I'll start mine in string, however. I am a hobbiest jeweler with an art degree heavy in weaving and am delighted to find not only a project that "speaks" to me, but also a site that was so enjoyable to cruise through. Thank you for all your hard work.
(07-07-2001) I discovered your site whilst searching for wire-sculpted earrings of a "whimsical" theme. I don't believe I can afford your creations, but much admire all that are pictured and enjoyed your narrative on all pages.

Thanks for the visual and verbal entertainment,

Will come back to see what is new some day
(05-10-2001) Wow! I can't even begin to tell you how amazed I am at your work. I was looking for pictures of Turk's Heads (not jewelry) through a search engine and stumbled upon your site. I am a guy, but I love rings. My trouble is that I rarely find one that I like. Your rings are truely a work of art and I will certainly be purchasing one in the future! Keep up the good work.
(04-29-2001) I ran across your web site while searching the net for very fine gold wire -- maybe 28 guage or 30 and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site and your work. Really beautiful beautiful work.
(04-08-2001) i love your site. i have done the same but with stainless steel wire making napkin rings and charms for necklaces. sorry, no pics. nice trick with the interconnecting turkshead necklace. i had never thought of that.

where you in the navy? some of your wording sounds like it.

i am in the navy as a boatswain's mate. i love this stuff!
(03-25-2001) Your craftmanship and dedication to the art is truly amazing and impressive.
Your metalurgical knowledge and wire drawing got my full attention, noted that you make your own dies too.
Your photography and web design are top notch.
(03-16-2001) Impressive!

Mooi so!
(12-31-2000) I am truly entranced by your craft, and by your products. I would love to be the owner of a "fitted" bangle, but I guess that given the geographic disparities I will just have to go on wanting (I live in Perth, Western Australia).

I am not much of a net browser, but found your site so easy to use, and just plain lovely.

Thank you for brightening up my Sunday Afternoon...and when the Australian dollar improves enough I may just treat myself to one of you delightful rings.
(12-03-2000) I went to thank you for a very informed site.
I learned alot. I could'nt stop untill I read it all.
Even your details I study them. I dont know if I aas a woman could do this, but I sure will try.
My only question is where do you start?
Thank you very much for letting me enjoy you wonderful and well made work. I wish I haad the money to buy one.

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