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Low material costs, high labor costs:

I wanted to know if my current difficulties were going to be an obstacle to productive work, and so I took on this ring as a challenge. The ring you're looking at is made with avionics grade stainless steel safety lock-wire.
Stainless steel ring
The wire is 0.032" in diameter, (translates to 20g), and the knot is a five-lead with nine bights, or loops around the edges. About a size 10 or so, a little loose on my right hand, but quite comfortable. I may try another, with a gold center strand. It would be well-nigh indestructible, I think, with the steel providing protection to the gold, so one could wear it while working with tools, something I usually recommend against.

Yes, I suppose I could add these to the available selections in an order for a ring... but I'm not sure I could charge reasonably for the amount of labor. Feel free to send inquiries, though; we can talk about it.

A very small ring made with 0.020" stainless.
This is a much smaller ring, made with 0.020" stainless steel lock-wire, an xmas present for my grand-niece. She may lose it, but she won't be able to do it any physical damage!

Here's a mix of stainless steel and gold
I got some 0.016" stainless lock-wire and made rope (triple twist) of it. I added a strand of gold down the middle of the doubled 5x9 pattern, and it looks pretty good. I think I'll wear this one for a while.
Stainless steel and 18K
Here's a custom ring that I finished at the end of May, 2012. Stainless steel and 18K yellow gold.

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