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I haven't yet decided if these are intended to be pendants or earrings, but I plan to make a few extras on this pattern for a show that's coming up soon. Possibly I'll do smaller ones for earrings. (The ones you see here are 1 1/2 inches wide.) This is the same pattern as a number of pendants and earrings that I've done in the past, but there is an additional twist on this knot -- scroll down to see what I mean.

Plain silver star.
I did this purely as an experiment, with some scrap twisted gold wire and pure silver. If I do more of these, they'll probably be done in white and yellow gold, but that remains to be seen. The method I used was to cut six pieces of the twisted gold, the length of one side of the equilateral triangles that make up the Star of David symbol, then soldered them between an equal number of lengths of silver wire that are long enough to make the loops. The result was a little over seventeen inches of alternating white and yellow wire, which I then tied in such a way as to line up the triangles. (Well, okay -- I tried to, at least.) Here's a page with some more detail on the process.
Silver and gold star.
Continuing the Star of David motif, here is an example of my other technique, interlinked knots, using two colors to make the star stand out in the center.
Star of David in two colors, five pieces.

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