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First off, get a piece of paper (I like 10x10 graph paper because you can just count the marks to get lengths in tenths of an inch) and cut off a strip from one edge, maybe 1/4" wide.
You'll want to take a couple of turns around the finger, and pull it down snug -- don't cut off the circulation, but bear in mind that a well-fitting ring will be touching your skin, maybe even pressing against it all the way around.
Here's a ticklish bit: carefully slip the tips of a pair of scissors over the band and cut it. Make sure you cut at least partway across, but it's okay to cut it all the way through if you like.
The resulting cuts in the paper will mark the distance around your finger, corresponding to the inner circumference of a ring to fit you.
I've found that the length tends to be off by a little bit, on the plus side, so even though this will work, I still recommend going to a professional jeweller if you can, to get measured with their widest ring gage.

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