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When tying a "square" seven-lead knot with a plus-one bight pattern or a multiple of it (i.e., any multiple of seven, plus one, such as 8, 15, 22, 29), the line will return to the peg just before the one reached on the previous turn, walking entirely around the pattern until the origin is reached.

When I provided a pattern to my workshop students to use with their ring mandrels (nine-bight pattern) it was correct for rings only, but not for the 29-bight pattern found on the larger fixtures for bracelets. The five-lead patterns translated directly, since the numbers work out, but for those who may have attempted to do a seven-lead bracelet on the fixture, while following my original instructions, my humble apologies. Herewith, a picture that will make it all clear.
Seven-lead-plus-one pattern

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