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Here's another project I'm working on, inspired by the open pattern I ended up using in the sleeves of my shirt. This could be a scarf, or a skirt, or a shawl of some sort -- the possibilities are as varied as the imagination of the person who wishes to wear it. There are 758 knots in all, and it weighs 1.571 lbs (712.5g). The length of the long side, after soldering and stretching, is about 48". I'm still working on a separate piece that will serve as a clasp to hook it around a waist or across the breast.
Silver knotted mail scarf.
Okay, here's a shot of the connector holding the ends together. It has three hooks on each end, and consists of three rows of four knots each, , so it blends into the rest of the piece pretty well. It can hook pretty much anywhere, I just arbitrarily placed it a little way in from each end. Since it's about four feet long, that means it probably will have some dangling points no matter who puts it on -- but I'd probably be willing to trim it, within reason, if a buyer requests it, so that it would be an almost exact fit without overlap.
Silver knotted mail scarf.
Here's what it looks like on a model -- my co-worker again, the one who makes my stuff look so good when she wears it.
Silver knotted mail scarf, modeled as a skirt

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