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nineteen loop single strand Prolong Knot in fine silver. Here's a single Prolong Knot, one strand of wire throughout, bent around in a bracelet shape. I prefer knots that allow me to do the entire piece with a single strand, though of course that doesn't keep me from making those chains with the linked knots, seen elsewhere on the site.

This bracelet is beginning to be popular in Las Vegas...
Here's the same Prolong Knot, "doubled", with the wire passing all the way through the knot twice. Look closely at the end of the bracelet on the right, and you'll see where the wire's ends divide and loop around the middle, where the knot started. nineteen loop double strand Prolong Knot
Another way to end the doubled 19-loop Prolong knot. I decided to try another way to terminate the wires, and I like this way even better.
Here is an illustration of the difference between a single knot, a Turk's Head, and a series of knots, the very simplest form of the above knots, used as bracelets.
Two sizes of knotted chain mail in a bracelet.

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