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One of the handier tools in a jeweler's toolbox is a jeweler's saw, a frame with a very skinny saw blade stretched between the ends. It's good for cutting jump-rings, but it can also be used to cut patterns.
swing dancers pendant and earrings This was some fine silver scrap, wire ends that I melted down and cast, then rolled out to a sheet, then I printed a pattern on it and cut it out. The cut started at their joined hands, so that the figures could come out intact to make earrings.
I've been enjoying jigsaw puzzles, lately, and thought they might prove an interesting subject for jewelry. (Also, jigsaw puzzle pieces seem to have become symbolic of autism awareness, interestingly.)

This pendant and earrings set came out nicely. You'll notice, if you look carefully, that I etched the rest of the pendant with the pattern, as well as cutting two pieces out. I had to come up with a better way to mount the pieces to the ear-wires, so that they could be fitted to their spots. Yes, those pieces came out of those spots, and will only fit where they came from... a unique solution, in other words, as they are not interchangeable, nor do they fit any other such pendants I've made.
Puzzle earrings and pendant

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