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Someone asked me for a thin Turk's-head necklace, but that's not practical. (Either it has to be made in place, and I'm not interested in spending days and days, probably into weeks, chivvying someone to and fro in my shop while guiding fine wire into place on their probably grubby neck, or it has to be so loose it can stretch to fit over the head, meaning it'll be wide and loose.) However, I make knots that can fake the look, and are still interesting to me since they're single-line patterns. I'm referring to the lanyard knots based on French sinnet, made at various lengths. So, given that he wanted a 20" necklace that matched a ring he'd gotten from me, I set to work.
Here's a closeup of the ends and the clasp I put on it, but he wants me to swap it out for a lobster-claw.

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