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While the size is important, and the number of loops around the edge can affect the appearance of the knot, the single most important factor, in my opinion, is the number of leads with which a ring is tied.
Note that there are five distinct paths around the ring, being followed by the two solid and one twisted strand. This is a "five-lead" knot.

While I have made rings with only four leads for a special order, I would not ordinarily bother with anything less complex than five, certainly nothing as trivial as three.
Five-lead ring.
Seven-lead ring. Now this ring has two more paths around it, so it is a "seven-lead" knot. Again, the paths are being followed by two solid and one twisted strand. You can see that this makes for a pretty wide ring.
With additional leads, the multi-strand pattern rapidly becomes too wide to be comfortable, so when I go to a "nine-lead" knot I only follow the path with a single strand. Nine lead ring.
Eleven lead ring. Ok, I think you get the idea. I've gotten a bit carried away, here, going to a knot with eleven leads across.

It would be possible to go further, but I doubt if anyone would be willing to pay me as much as I would demand for anything requiring this much effort, let alone offer enough to get me to attempt an even wider ring.

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