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This is a 5x8 turk's head, in champagne gold, that is about the right size for my diamond. It's strung on a piece of 3mm cotton twine so I won't lose it -- there are at least two similar knots around here somewhere, but I would have to clean the place up to find them. plain 5x8 ring
knot closed in on one side The knot has been stretched out a bit, then one edge is turned in slightly, to hold the stone. That will be the front of the earring.
Here it is turned over, and the diamond has been placed in it face down, ready for the mounting. stone into the knot
mount follows stone into knot The mounting rests loose on the stone, with the knot ready to come up around it and be pulled tight.
With a little pushing about with the edges of my thumbnails, the stone and the mounting are trapped. The knot curves around the edge of the stone and the lip of the mount, holding them together. closing the gate
tighter and tighter Another view, showing the knot's edge coming in toward the center, with the mounting beneath it.
Here's the completed earring. nice shot of the finished diamond earring
closeup of front of diamond earring Here it is, face on, showing the eight loops around the edge and the table (main facet) of the diamond.

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