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While I was at a convention (MuseCon, in Chicago) someone asked me to try tying a knot in some "elwire", electroluminescent wire. The sample he offered me was much thicker than my usual medium, and the work went less well than I could have wished, but it did seem interesting.

This next picture is of a bracelet that I've just completed, using the thinnest available elwire, 1.2mm in diameter.
Glowing bracelet.
Taking the same picture with a flash shows what the bracelet looks like without the glow:
Same knot, no glow.
I also made a choker of the larger Prolong knot pattern. It's stretchy and flexible, unlike the bracelet, and it looks a little surreal. Both knots are showing in this picture:
Two glowing knots.
The cotton Turk's-head bracelet with the wire tucked through it gave me an idea, so ...

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