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While I was examining my logs, recently, I was interested in one particular entry, repeated fairly often, wherein someone was looking at the first platinum ring that I ever made. After a bit of searching, I came across a website which was "borrowing" the image to add to their display, and I found their use of it quite amusing. When I looked at the page where the ring shows up, I realized that these folks must be in a role-playing group, or something of that nature, and the picture was merely being used as a prop, not being specifically claimed as theirs or being commercially exploited in any way.

I haven't bothered to lecture them on the subject of misappropriation of other people's copyrighted material, since they seem quite harmless and inoffensive. I did take some action, though, and if you look at their site you may judge for yourself whether I reacted properly.

Well, update as of August of 2002, The Grove Of The Blue Flame seems to be kaput. Good luck to 'em.
Behold, the "Druidic Flame" ring!
(obviously a very powerful talisman of some sort)

5x9 platinum and 18K champagne
And here is the same picture, slightly "improved", which now appears on the above site:

5x9 platinum and 18K champagne

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