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one side of opal pendant one side of opal pendant
This stone seems to have pictures in it, but you don't have to agree with me on what they are.

Opal with five-lead eleven-bight Turk's Head setting.

Sold in June of 2010.

Update as of May, 2014. Someone asked me if I'd ever done "Kintsugi", and I had to look it up. This piece may be regarded an example of that.

It got whacked, and split apart, about a third of the way across, top to bottom. I rolled some 24K gold out into very thin foil and pushed the stone back together with it in the crack, then burnished the foil down to the stone's surface to where it almost merged.

The only thing holding it together is the setting, a Turk's-head ring in 18K yellow gold. I made that clear to the buyer, and she regarded it as an enhancement rather than as a flaw. If I hadn't put in the gold, it would've just been a broken stone pretending to be whole, an ethical misstep if I failed to point it out, hence the "repair" which shows the reality.

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