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Due to a concatenation of circumstances, error compounding with error, I was under the impression that I had been scheduled to participate on a panel at Dragon*Con, in the Costume Track, which was devoted to corsets and other body-constricting adornments. As it happened, the time slot I'd been given was incorrect, and I was actually scheduled to be on a jewelry panel, but in the meantime it gave me an idea....
Waist cincher made with linked Prolong Knot bracelets. This is a corset, or perhaps more accurately, a waist-cincher, made in fine silver. There are two sections, each consisting of seventeen links, laced up the back and the front with black ribbon. The sections were stretched out, beforehand, but the final adjustment was made directly on her body, by tightening the laces and letting it conform to her shape.
If you look at a closeup, you'll see that the links are just a lot of silver bracelets, made in my original workshop pattern, the Prolong Knot:
Closeup of waist-cincher.
There are some other pictures of this, and of her in another costume, among the pictures that I took at Dragon*Con, here.
After the above corset was finished and sold, I got to thinking about it and came up with a new pattern. Below, you can see a short section of it being worn by a young woman who clearly doesn't need it yet, but who seems entranced by the possibilities.
Young girl in corset
Another model, same corset:
Talis deserves even better stuff than this... :)

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