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I stopped several times while making this bracelet, for inconsequential things like food and sleep and the occasional sojourn at my "real" job, and so I took a few pictures of this bracelet that I've been working on to record the stages.
first three passes and a start on the fourth You can see the beginnings of the knot, with three leads going through it and the fourth lead just strarting out. If you look closely at the back, up toward the top, you can see the end of the wire, or rather the beginning of it, where the knot started.
Five turns into the knot, starting out on the sixth lead, here. You can see it's beginning to shape up nicely. well into the work, second to last strand
getting close! At this point there is a lot of the knot finished, but I'm not even halfway through the work - as you can see, the wire now has to cross every single previous strand, going over and under itself in a regular pattern.
Considerably later, and after much more work, I've brought the ends together and soldered them, rolled the knot out on a wine bottle, and taken a lot of the kinks out of it where the wire turned back and forth through the knot. Here it is, flattened out, smoothed out, and made up to about two and a half inches in diameter.
smoothed out and stretched to a larger size

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